Goodbye days of antiquated photo souvenir kiosks and unwanted print-outs. 

And hello, Waldo.

Waldo uses facial recognition technology to empower the photographers at your resort or attraction. They capture your guests’ special moments like always and then upload them to the intelligent Waldo platform. Then Waldo works his magic, matching faces to photos and delivering each guest their own photos as soon as they’re uploaded via friendly and conversational text messages.

No more weeding through print-outs, waiting in frustrating kiosk lines, or searching through endless online albums.

Your guests get their photos throughout their stay, driving daily branded social posts and brand exposure on social media from those most valuable to you – your customers. 



Waldo allows your guests to:

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Live the Moment

You’re selling fun and providing your guests priceless memories. Help them put down their devices and live in the moment.

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Find their photos fast

Your photographer uploads the photos to the Waldo platform, which then instantly delivers photos of your guests directly to their pocket via text or mobile app. No more searching through print-outs or endless online albums.

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Have lasting memories of their time at your resort

With easy one-tap sharing options to social media and print options, your guests are more likely to share, save, and savor all their vacation memories, increasing repeat visits for your resort.


And it allows you, the resort, park, or attraction to:

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Cut costs

Avoid expensive photo souvenir kiosks and unwanted printouts.

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Boost your sales

The Waldo platform offers in-app purchase options for quick and easy souvenir photo downloads.

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Amplify your brand

In-app branding and auto-populated hashtags enable your guests to generate buzz for your experience with one-tap social sharing.