Turn Your School Photos Into Your Best Marketing Material

March 6, 2021

Brenda loves her job as the head of marketing and communications at Odlaw Academy. This 100-year-old institution she works at has a solid reputation Odlaw Academy, but lots of competition has popped up within the last decade, and the relatively dated systems and tools at the school make it hard to keep up. One of Brenda’s many tasks is managing the school’s social media page to keep the school connected with families and to grow the school’s number of applications. She posts some of the photos she takes and others she wrangles from the school’s yearbook class, but despite the school’s 1,200 followers on Facebook, Brenda can’t seem to gain any traction on the school’s posts. Recently, her post about the swim team’s first championship win only gained 12 likes and 1 share. Brenda is puzzled…

“Shouldn’t there be more excitement from all the students, parents, grandparents, and other family members?”

Brenda’s good friend, Mari, is a mom to one of the girls on the team. Mari had posted photos from the swim meet to her personal Facebook wall…Out of curiosity, Brenda decides to take a peek at Mari’s post: over 65 likes and 45 comments! On top of that, other swim team parents are now sharing Mari’s post to their own walls, gaining even more attention!

“Wow. That kind of exposure would be phenomenal for our school,” “Wow. That kind of exposure would be phenomenal for our school,” thinks Brenda, “but how on earth do we get there?”