Waldo Launches Automated Yearbook and Slideshow Curation for Schools and Camps

September 26, 2023

Auto-Spotlights finds and delivers an equal number of the best candid photos of each child


[Austin, Texas] — Waldo Photos, an AI-powered photo and video platform, is thrilled to announce its latest innovation for schools and camps, the new feature is called Auto-Spotlighting. This advanced algorithm leverages the power of Best Matches, an algorithm that enhances the viewing experience by sorting photos from best to worst.

Auto-Spotlighting allows schools, camps and other Photo Manager subscribers to automatically generate a specified number of spotlights per member within an album or gallery. This feature has been designed to simplify and enhance captured memories, making it an invaluable tool for yearbook teams, camp media staffers, and others looking to curate a large set of photos with equal representation with a yearbook, slideshow, or other memorabilia.

“Super proud of the team for delivering this amazing tool. Auto-Spotlighting is going to be a game-changer for our school and camp partners,” said Rodney Rice, CEO at Waldo Photos. “By utilizing the data-driven insights provided by Best Matches, we can now automatically create a curated selection of candid photos that equitably represent a student body or session of campers. This will allow both schools and camps to deliver a better product, ensure equal representation amongst the candid photos, eliminate the risk of the dreaded accidental ghosting, and save staffers countless hours that can instead be invested in the kids.”

For schools, Auto-Spotlighting brings significant value to yearbook creation, enabling yearbook teams to automatically create, with the click of a mouse, a grouping of candid moments that are the best photos of all those taken throughout the year and that every student is equally represented in them. It will also prove a lifesaver for sports team awards ceremony slideshows and similar products where a cohort of students need to be featured. For camps, this feature ensures an inclusive representation of campers in the session wrap-up slideshow. Camp administrators will no longer have to fear mom and dad’s disappointment when their camper is accidentally absent in the end of session wrap-up slideshow.

Key features of Auto-Spotlighting:

  • Ranks the quality of the photos of every member in an album or gallery from best to worst. 
  • Automatically generates a specified number of spotlights per member within an album or gallery, choosing the highest ranking photos first.
  • Curates a selection of candid photos that equally represent the desired group or community in a grouping of tagged photos.
  • Allows for exporting the grouping of photos. 
  • Streamlines the process of creating yearbooks, slideshows, or other memorabilia.

Waldo Photos remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that simplify photo management and elevate storytelling. The introduction of Auto-Spotlighting marks another milestone in the company’s dedication to enhancing the visual narrative experience for users across various communities and activities.

About Waldo Photos

Waldo Photos is an AI-powered photo and video platform, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to enhance photo curation and delivery experiences. The company is dedicated to simplifying the process of finding and sharing meaningful moments captured in photos.

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