Waldo Photos Unveils The Best Wedding Photo Sharing App of 2021!

June 8, 2021

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Waldo Photos Unveils The Best Wedding Photo Sharing App of 2021! 

The facial recognition-powered photo management platform announces WaldoWed, a custom-tailored solution for wedding photo sharing.
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Austin, TX (June 6, 2021): With pandemic restrictions beginning to relax, the wedding floodgates have opened! People are ready to celebrate and to see colleagues, friends, and family that they haven’t seen in more than a year. And in the spirit of this re-opening, Waldo Photos — an AI-powered photo-sharing platform— has announced its newest offering – WaldoWed.

For a one-time fee, couples will get a mobile-optimized gallery with unlimited albums and 100GB of storage, plus crowdsourcing of all photos from their wedding events from all their guests and the professional photographer. Powered by state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, Waldo’s wedding product is perfect for everything from the engagement party to the reception, and all the special moments in between. No more hunting and pecking for that one special photo that dear Aunt Rose can’t live without — Waldo’s wedding app makes it easy by using facial recognition to deliver all guests the photos of themselves taken by the wedding photographer and all the guests, and provides a centralized place for viewing all the photos from every event. Best of all, it works whether photos are shared from an iPhone, Android, or uploaded from a laptop!

“We’re thrilled to bring Waldo’s state-of-the-art photo-sharing platform to brides, grooms, and wedding photographers everywhere. ,” said Rodney Rice, founder, and CEO of Waldo Photos. “We’re excited to bring our photo management platform to the wedding market and help couples make their special day even more memorable.”

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About Waldo Photos

Founded by the co-founder / CEO of HomeAdvisor, Rodney Rice, Waldo Photos is the world’s smartest photo-sharing app. The platform leverages facial and jersey recognition, 5-star rated mobile apps, a texting bot, and its patented FaceBlocker technology to take the hassle out of the gathering, managing, and delivery of photos.