WaldoEvents Canva Templates

Completely free to use and design.
Let your creativity shine.


Easily mix and match. All templates are available in every style.

Flyer / Sign

Display your QR code anywhere

8.5″ x 11″

Table Tents

Convenient photo upload from your guest tables

8.5″ x 11″ (2/sheet)

Template FAQs

Do I need Canva Pro to use these templates?

No. You do not need Canva Pro. All WaldoEvents Canva templates are 100% free to use. Simply follow the template link and create a free Canva account.

Are there pre-generated QR code signs? Do I need to use Canva?

WaldoEvents automatically generates QR code flyers and table tents directly in the app. These Canva templates are a 100% optional DIY.

Where do I find my QR code in the Waldo Photos app?

Your custom QR code can be found in the bottom shelf on mobile and in the right shelf on desktop.

Can I change the templates?

Absolutely! All WaldoEvents Canva templates are fully customizable. You can change anything, add elements, remove elements, and even resize all from Canva.