WaldoPro integrates Stripe Connect for faster, seamless payments

June 13, 2023

Austin, TX  June 13, 2023 — WaldoPro, the nation’s most advanced, AI-powered sales platform for volume photographers is pleased to announce its integration with Stripe Connect, a global payment platform. This integration now allows for immediate splitting of transactions between WaldoPro and its photography partners. By leveraging Stripe Connect’s powerful payment infrastructure, WaldoPro empowers businesses of all sizes to accept payments from customers on the WaldoPro platform without incurring unnecessary delays in their receipt of proceeds from sales.

With the integration of Stripe Connect, photographers who shoot events on the Waldo platform can now get their funds in 3 – 5 days from the time of the transaction. In connection with WaldoPro’s integration of Stripe Connect, WaldoPro has also added the ability for photographers to set their state and local tax rates by location. In addition, photographers can now issue refunds and reorders, including on-platform re-cropping, all from their Waldo dashboard. 

“We are excited to bring Stripe Connect to our photographer partners who seek faster payments from their sales on the WaldoPro platform,” said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos. “This integration, along with the addition of a myriad of additional tools launched in Q2, are making WaldoPro increasingly easy to use for volume photographers looking for the power of AI-driven proof delivery, patented mobile copyright protection, and a contemporary platform that streamlines their workflow. We’re excited to see a growing number of photographers move onto the platform and experience a significant increase in their sales while reducing their labor.”

About WaldoPro

WaldoPro is the volume photography’s most advanced sales platform. Featuring a suite of algorithms for facial and numbered jersey recognition and time-based matching, patented FaceBlocker copyright protection for mobile proof delivery, and a user-friendly UX for customers onboarding, including SMS and QR codes, and auto-generated branded marketing materials, WaldoPro helps professional photographers sell more images in less time.

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