Introducing: Video Guestbooks on WaldoWed!

October 13, 2021

For Immediate Release: WaldoWed now with Video Guestbooks!

Looking for your wedding day well-wishes? They’re right here.

Think about this: you don’t just put months into planning your wedding, you put years. Holding a ceremony for your dolls. Romance flicks. Pinterest boards. Late-night heart-to-hearts. Plans about who will be invited.

So when the day comes, it’s just a few hours to be swept away. And you SHOULD be swept away. You deserve it. But we guarantee you will say this to every single guest that arrives at your carefully chosen venue: “I’m so happy you’re here, but I have to cut the cake/dance with dad/fix this zipper.”

All weddings are unique but all share this: the day is a whirlwind from the second you get out of bed. From entering the venue until the shower of confetti that ushers you back out. It’s a whirlwind. And that’s ok. But remember that everyone who was invited looked forward to this day, got fancy, and wants to share just a few precious words and seconds with you. But the day is busy and brief. What can you do?

THIS. You can do THIS.


Introducing WaldoWed’s new Video Guestbook!

WaldoPhotos new WaldoWed with Video Guestbook lets you record a greeting to your guests…then lets the guests respond in their very own way with a 30-second video message! Teary-eyed aunties, treasured college friends, and your best workmates will all regale you with messages of love, hope, and dreams for your future and maybe some forgotten stories of your past.

And all the videos are captured in one safe place: your 100GB WaldoWed account right alongside the multitude of sorted, tagged, face ID’d, and delivered wedding pics from every guest and every wedding vantage point.

Not everyone wants to stand up and give a speech, but everyone will love this way of sharing a special message on your special day. One that you can digitally keep forever!

Find out how to keep your wedding memories alive – and organized – forever at

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