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The dream wedding photo gallery

WaldoWed takes less than 5 minutes to set up!

Printable signs

Generate a printable wedding sign from the app containing a QR code to easily let guests upload photos!

Video Guestbook

Let guests record and upload their well-wishes in the bride and groom’s very own Video Guestbook!

Automated photo sharing

Waldo will deliver to every guest each photo they appear in via text or app alert!

Order prints from the app

Save the bride and groom from fielding calls from Aunt Edna looking for the family photo. All guests can order their favorite prints right from the app!

WaldoWed makes gathering photos and videos from family and friends a breeze

Whether it is old photos of the couple from their early days, or photos taken throughout their wedding season, or shots from the big day — Waldo makes it easy to gather everyone’s photos in one beautiful app.

Turn photos into a live slideshow during the wedding day!

Want to liven the reception? Waldo’s Live Slideshow allows guests to simply text in their photos and they are automatically added to the slideshow!

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