Why Wedding Photo Apps have Replaced Disposable Cameras at Receptions

June 2, 2022
Why Wedding Photo Apps have Replaced Disposable Cameras at Receptions

The most exciting day of your life is on its way. You’re probably discussing your wedding day planning at the nightly dinner table. You’ve probably been ideating around ways to make the big day more fun and memorable and the idea of disposable cameras may have surfaced as a fun way to engage guests and get lots of candid photos, in addition to those your photographer takes.

You’re probably thinking about how the guests would enjoy capturing some funny (Bill’s burglar move)  and sweet (your husband dancing with his 85-year-old grandma) wedding moments. You’ve seen it in the past and it seems easy enough, right? Just toss one on each table, let the guests snap away, and have someone pick them up at the end of the evening.

But not so fast, while disposable cameras sound like an easy, fun, and, economical way to capture more memories and let your guests get creative, there are some important drawbacks you may want to consider and some cool alternatives that have emerged.

5 Major Photo Fiascos Wedding Disposable Cameras Create

From blurry photos to hidden costs, here’s why disposable cameras simply don’t cut it for weddings:

Not-So-Good Photo Quality

If you’ve personally used disposable cameras, you probably know the struggles that come with them – the photos are often dark or blurry. In perfect conditions, they can snap a good photo if everything works perfectly but in your reception venue, with the lighting and the action, it will be unlikely. You might shell out a small fortune on these cameras only to receive poor-quality images when your guests’ camera phones would do the job with no additional costs!

They Cost More Than You Think

Many couples find the option of disposable cameras attractive as they only consider the costs of the cameras which is relatively modest in the context of an overall wedding budget. You can buy a pack of 10 for $250 – 300. But what many people fail to consider is the time and costs of developing the images. Each film roll costs about $20 or more to process. This almost doubles the cost and probably isn’t time you want to spend when you return from your honeymoon bliss.

The MA Rated Easter Egg Photo

Many couples had to go over a heap of unnecessary (and sometimes ridiculous) photos from their wedding day. If you hand a disposable camera to guests, chances are, some of them might take the “fun” to a level you might not be comfortable with.

Visual Noise and User Error

Disposable cameras are infamous for capturing images that are very, very dark. The problem mainly lies with the flash button that people forget to use in most cases. The results leave behind a mountain of dark, unidentifiable photos.

Another glitch that accompanies photos captured with these cameras is – there are somehow too many fingers in the pictures. With a disposable camera, you typically need to look through a viewfinder. This means the person capturing the photos can’t see what exactly they’re capturing. As a result, the photos end up having blurry blobs everywhere, especially on the right side of the frame.

Not Environmentally Friendly

Simply put, disposable cameras are a lot less eco-friendly than phone cameras and other digital cameras. Since they’re designed for single-use only, they’re typically tossed inside the trash can once the job is done. Most of the components that make up a disposable camera are not biodegradable. On discarding, most cameras make their way into landfills where they don’t decompose – contributing to environmental pollution.

A Fresh Alternative for Gathering Guests’ Photos

The main attraction of a disposable camera is to get your guests to contribute to your wedding’s photography. After all, the photographer you hire can only focus on one scene at a time. This is why the bulk of funny, emotional, or other heartfelt moments are typically captured by guests attending the wedding. 

But when the outcomes from disposable cameras don’t align with your expectations, what can you rely on instead?

The answer: wedding photo apps like WaldoWed!

The way WaldoWed works is simply effortless. Unlike other apps, WaldoWed ensures your guests contribute to your wedding album in the easiest possible manner. When your wedding celebrations are in full swing, and you’re too busy looking gorgeous and cherishing the day – WaldoWed handles the A to Z of wedding photos for you. It allows guests to upload photos via a QR code and SMS. And these photos can be published in real-time via WaldoWed’s live slideshow feature.

In addition, guests who join your gallery are automatically delivered all the photos they’re in. This is a nice surprise for your guests who are dressed to the nines and taking photos with family they haven’t seen in years.   

A great wedding photo app goes beyond just photos. WaldoWed even offers excellent features like a video guestbook. Guests can record heartfelt, funny, or emotional well wishes and post them to your video guestbook! Also, it is more environmentally friendly than the registry book of yesteryear. 

WaldoWed is a complete wedding memories package and has both free and premium subscription plans to choose from. Add “memories that matter” to your (metaphorical) wedding memory box using WaldoWed here.