6 Ways to promote good sportsmanship through Instagram

April 21, 2017

With more than 600 million active monthly users, it’s no secret that Instagram is a popular photo-sharing tool.

But how can we use it as parents to support our youth leagues and promote good sportsmanship? How can we avoid the normal pitfalls of negativity on social media to promote positivity in our children’s youth sports leagues?

Watch the video to get some ideas!


Create unique hashtags for your team and league.

Then, share them with players, parents, and fans.
For example: #ladywildcats4thewin

Reach out to the community.

Use the hashtag to build and reach out to your sports community and lead with positive comments and encouragement.

“Amazing hit today!”
“Your positive spirit is contagious!”
“Awesome catch!”

Create a league-wide social media policy.

Make sure this policy rewards positivity and rejects bullying, negativity, or harmful comments.

Have a contest!

See which team in your league has the most encouraging online presence. (Pizza party, anyone?!?)

Get siblings involved.

Encourage league siblings to take photos and come up with their own positive reactions. #proudlilbrother

Lead by example, on and off the field.

Show your athletes good sportsmanship. Shake hands, cheer for both teams, and post positive comments on teammates’ photos.