7 Best FREE apps for moms (and dads!)

May 2, 2017

You’re looking for a nearby playground.You need some health information (and not from you, Dr. Google).
You want to motivate (translate: make) your kids do some chores.
It’s date night and your babysitter just canceled.
You’re planning a vacation.
You need to finally share those photos from the birthday party last month.
You need to do some grocery shopping and not forget anything this time.

All these problems? Don’t worry. There’s an app for that. Each and every one.

Check out this list of our favorite FREE apps for moms and dads.

  1. Find a playground near you with Playground Buddy.

    Maybe you’re driving around a different part of town or on a family vacation. Your kids are begging for it. And you just want to make sure it has a bench so you can sit down and get your inner zen on. This free playground locator app houses a worldwide (!) directory of more than 200,000 playgrounds in 170 countries. Pretty impressive! You can see user-uploaded photos, read reviews, and even upload your own reviews and pics of the playground after your visit. Just do that once you find that sweet oasis of a park bench to rest your weary feet. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.

  2.  Organize your family’s health.

    ContinuousCare is an all-in-one tool to track your family’s health where you can store appointments and medical records, ask questions to trusted medical professionals, and even connect your other health apps to it, offering you an all-in-one source to track your family’s health. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.

  3.  Motivate your kids to do some chores.

    “Your kids will beg to do the chores,” this app maker boasts. Sold!
    ChoreMonster is an app that motivates children to get involved in house chores with an incentivized reward system and personalized, age-appropriate tasks around the home. Kids (best for ages 4-12) earn points by completing chores and earn rewards to be used towards things like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or a family camping trip. Parents manage their children’s chores and the rewards they can earn. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.

  4. Find a babysitter, last minute.

    UrbanSitter helps you say “yes” to whatever plans that come up in your life. Now you can find a babysitter, view their video profile and read reviews, and then be able to call, book and pay (by credit card!) all within the app. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.

  5. Plan a family trip like a pro.

    I often compare my family’s exit out the front door for a vacation to a circus show. There’s acrobatics and drama, and what looks to be the best clown routine you’ve possibly ever seen as we go back and forth, back and forth, trying to remember all the things we’ve no doubt forgotten. Now, there’s TripIt. It’s an all-in-one organizer that helps you coordinate all your travel plans in one place. You can forward all your trip itineraries, sync your calendars, and share your itineraries – a wonderful feature for families or groups traveling together. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.

  6. Find and share your family photos.

    You need to share photos from yesterday’s soccer match, last weekend’s birthday party, or the summer trip you look last summer with family and friends. Not everybody’s on Facebook, and it seems too daunting a task to deliver all the photos that people want. Enter, Waldo. Waldo Photos is a new app (full disclosure: it’s ours!) where you can upload your photos and share them with friends. Oh, and the kicker? It uses facial recognition to match faces and send people the photos they want to see. No more searching for photos in endless online albums. No more photo hoarding. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.

  7. Be a savvy shopper.

    I need all the help I can get when it comes to saving money while shopping. Shop Savvy is the perfect tool, an app that scans the barcode of the product you’re considering, then shows you who has the best prices. The best part is you can create a wishlist then watch for the items to go on sale. Learn more at: iTunes/Google Play.


What’s your favorite mom-friendly app? Share with us in the comments below!