Waldo Photos powers Keller Williams’ Red Day

May 9, 2017

What does “red” mean to you? For Waldo partner Keller Williams, it serves as an acronym: renew, energize and donate.

Each year on the second Thursday in May, all of Keller William’s 150,000 employees celebrate RED Day nationwide.

Their challenge

Keller Williams needed to document their day in a way that captured their company’s spirit, their generosity, and the camaraderie of their employees.

The solution

Waldo tagged along for the journey to capture and deliver moments while Keller Williams employees gave back to their community.

This year’s charity of choice was Bookspring, a local charity that helps bridge the education gap in Central Texas. Throughout the course of the day, Waldo snapped pics of volunteers at 10 different locations, all of which were inner city schools being supported by the project.

How it worked

During a morning kick-off event, Keller Williams employees were told about the Waldo app. This way, they were able to enjoy their day of camaraderie and service without the obligation to stop and take pictures. They could simply be in the moment.

In order to sign up for the Waldo app, each employee completed a couple easy steps:

  1. First, they texted a custom album code “REDDAY16” to Waldo at 735-343 (SELFIE).
  2. Then they were prompted to send in a selfie like so…
  3. That’s it! They got to the real work – helping their community.

The experience for Keller Williams employees

Throughout the day, Waldo snapped photos at each location and distributed them every 30 minutes. This way, employees who signed up were able to see and share the progression of their day. And Keller Williams was able to see their good deeds in real time both on their phones and on social media.

What success looks like

  • Over 50% of Austin-based  volunteers subscribed to the REDDay album
  • 87% of album subscribers received at least one photo
  • 73% of album subscribers received 3 or more photos
  • Average of 5 photos per subscriber
  • 9,284 books donated to BookSpring

In their words

“We cannot thank you enough for your generosity!!!! (The pictures) are beautiful and we are so lucky…” — Holly Priestner, Director of Talent Acquisition