Mother’s Day gift ideas from the pros (moms, of course)

May 12, 2017

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and you’re just now looking for a gift.
Look, we get it. Maybe gift buying isn’t your love language. Maybe you just don’t know what to give to the mom “who has it all.” Or maybe life’s just too busy to worry about a little holiday.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We reached out to some of our favorite mom bloggers, photographers, and all-around awesome moms to get an idea of their dream Mother’s Day.

Here’s what they suggest!

“A vacation” – Kelly Newcom

Author at Brave Parenting and,  a member of the Waldo Photos Mom Panel, and a working mother of 7 adopted children
Boerne, Texas








Perfect Mother’s Day?
“As an adoptive mom, Mother’s day can be hard. The best way for me to spend this day is away from the norm and routine of life. A great way to do that is a family vacation – I don’t have to work, cook, or even ‘mother’ that much. Only relax and enjoy my kids.”

“Some self-care” – Sofia Boyer

Mother and owner, creator and designer at Magnolia Creative Studio (follow her on Instagram!)
Lake Mary, Florida

Perfect Mother’s Day?
“For me, Mother’s Day is all about taking time to have some “me” time and also taking the time to be with the whole family. A few hours of self-care would be ideal. As simple as it might sound, the perfect gift is a gift card for a massage place and some solo time.”
“I adore spending time with my little girl, but I can definitely use an hour or two of full-on pampering, followed by an afternoon with all the ladies of my family, the kids, laughs and lots of good food! That would be the perfect day! “

“Potted plants and thoughtful children” – Heidi Eitreim

A photographer, designer, blogger, and mother of 4 (follow her on Instagram!)
Minneapolis, Minnesota







Perfect Mother’s Day?

“My favorite day out of the entire year is Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because of the gifts, or the fresh spring weather, but more likely, it’s the title. It’s one day I feel extra special because I am somebody’s mother, and I do not take that job lightly.

My ideal Mother’s Day gift is for my children to be thoughtful. In all honesty, I don’t have high expectations. I thoroughly enjoy the home-made cards with misspelled words, wet glue, too much glitter, and colored tissue papers pieced in 3-D flower shapes on the front.

For the past several years, my kiddos have picked out real flowers to pair with their heartfelt cards. Not the flowers in the vase kind of flowers though but more like the flowers I can plant in my outdoor pots and all around my gardens

I LOVE this idea because their color & cheerfulness brightens my days. Planting them is something we can all do together, and their gift lives on for months –way past the one special calendar day. Each time I pass them on the front steps, back deck, or in my garden, I am reminded that I am loved and appreciated, something moms never get tired of.

Also, it helps if some of the not-so-glamorous mom duties get passed to someone other than myself, but, not a deal breaker. 😉

“Underwater housing case for camera” – Dana DiSalvo

Photographer at Dana Nicole Photography (Check out her Instagram feed!), and mother of three
Tampa, Florida

Perfect Mother’s Day?
‘s Day.  Oh, how I love this day.  My hubby takes over the heavy lifting with our three girls, prepares delicious meals, and always picks out the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  All of this already makes an amazing Mother‘s Day, but to top it off a little gift wouldn’t hurt either.  After all, being a mother is the hardest job, right?! ”

“Here in Tampa, FL it is hot.  Really hot.  The actual high temp for today is a scorching 96 degrees!  So Mother‘s Day here usually means staying cool at the beach or in our pool.  Being a momtographer, I’m always looking for new, creative ways to capture and document my daughters’ lives.  We will be spending most of our upcoming days beating the heat in our pool and I’d love to capture all the fun with some underwater photography.  And what do I need to do this?  An underwater housing case for my camera!  With an underwater case, I’ll be able to get in the pool with my girls and snap all of the splashing, diving, and cannonball fun! So hubby, if you’re reading this, please check my Amazon wishlist!”

“Clean and screen-free” – Priscilla Hedlin

Mother of 3 boys, creator/writer at The Wheelchair Mommy,  and member of the Waldo Photos Mom Panel
Austin, Texas

Perfect Mother’s Day?
“My ideal Mother’s Day gift would be a clean house and just spending quality non-screen time with the boys!”


What’s your ideal Mothers Day? Share your thoughts in the comments below…and then forward it along to your family! 😉