Action photography tech you can’t miss: Real-time delivery and automated sorting

November 4, 2020

We know the feeling, it’s the bottom of the third inning at the little league baseball game and you see you’ve already taken 400 photos. You think, “How am I going to sort through all of these? We’re not even halfway through the game!” It’s the daunting task of managing, sorting and delivering all of the amazing action photos you’ve taken.

With you in mind, Waldo Photos has developed new technology to revolutionize the world of youth sports and action photography with delivery to parents using facial and jersey recognition. Sporting events and competitions from all over the country are utilizing this new way to capture, organize, and distribute action-packed memories with Waldo’s unique technology.

Both league administrators and youth sports action photographers understand how valuable great action photography can be to families. Action photography allows athletes and families to share their athlete’s accomplishments with family and create memories they will cherish for years to come. Waldo takes the burden off of the photographers and parents whose children are in the photos by automatically delivering each family their photos from the hundreds or thousands taken.

How can Waldo help you?

Think about Waldo as a personal AI-powered photography assistant who does the hunting and pecking through albums for you. As a Shutterbug who captures these amazing moments, Waldo’s mobile photo delivery uses facial and jersey recognition to automatically sort photos based on faces and jerseys and delivers your photos to everyone you photograph (and their family) “automagically”, in near real-time.

It is the perfect way to allow everyone in your community to share the moments others capture. Gone is the photo hoarding guilt of getting back from a long day at the fields with an SD card full of priceless photos which never get seen by those who would value them the most!

Real-time mobile photo delivery with automated sorting

With Waldo, every athlete can have a selfie and/or their jersey number uploaded as a basis for matching. When a photographer snaps and uploads a photo at a game, that photo is immediately analyzed by Waldo’s proprietary facial and jersey recognition technology — when matched with an athlete’s profile, it is then delivered directly via text message or push notification to the athlete and their family members.

This automated sifting removes the hours of photo sorting required from photographers or staff before being able to deliver the photos to athletes. In fact, Waldo also comes with wireless DSLR uploading capabilities to save even more time. Snapped photos from photographers can reach the mobiles of athletes and family members within seconds! On top of that, Waldo’s photo stream feature makes it easy for parents to share their photos with grandparents, aunts, and uncles privately via the Waldo app.

As Waldo is a cloud-based photo sharing platform, anyone with group access can download photos to their device. As the owner of the album, you can let others add their photos as well. Waldo adds even more “action” to action photography by giving families real-time access to the moment and letting everyone crowdsource their photos into a common AI-powered gallery.

Waldo provides a simple and intuitive way for athletes and families to have in-the-moment access to photos that they can keep for years to come.

Authentic marketing content from crowdsourced photography

Getting real, quality content is the name of the game when it comes to successfully marketing your sports league. Raising support and drawing attention from potential athletes and families is important. To do that, you need authentic content from games to be shared on social media in your community and the best way to accomplish that is to crowdsource your marketing content.

Consider for a moment the sea of quality photography that’s captured at every one of your sporting events. Besides paid photographers and event staff, there are often dozens of parents taking incredible photos of the game. When you choose to Waldo-fy your sports league, you can invite athletes, staff, and more to contribute photos to your galleries and albums. Athletes and families gain instant access to all of the uploaded photos, with each one of them eligible for Waldo’s superpowered auto-sorting and delivery — and your league gains access to them for its marketing needs.

Easily and powerfully promote your league and tournament brand

Your league needs a stellar brand with a cohesive and consistent visual identity to promote itself effectively.

That’s where Waldo’s powerful and simple technology comes into play. Each and every photo delivered by Waldo and posted by yourself or your families can have a unique brand filter and hashtag that you have the ability to customize. This turns everyone who posts photos from your games into influencers for your league.

Provide new income streams for your league

Waldo makes purchasing photos from games easy on mobile. Selling branded print products and photos means more revenue for your program allowing you to grow and promote your league.

With Waldo, picture day turns into a fundraising opportunity regardless of who is taking the photos. Imagine helping your families save up to 40% versus traditional vendors, and having up to 80% of the profits funneled back into your league. With Waldo, your parents aren’t price gouged and an outside vendor doesn’t take the vast majority of the profits.

Gone are the days of lost forms, confusing rosters, missing checks, and the handling of the photos. Waldo creates a streamlined and modernized system for your league’s picture day, including easy online ordering and payment through the Waldo app and being a huge time saver with direct drop-shipping to parents. Waldo’s FaceBlocker technology also helps protect digital proofs from unauthorized downloads.

Waldo-fy your league today!

Waldo-fying your league is the easiest way to provide tons of value to your athletes and families. Contact us here to learn more!