How to raise more money for your Booster Club with Waldo Photos

April 21, 2020
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Seeing our kids work so hard out on the field, in the pool, or up on the stage can be some of the proudest moments for us as parents. We know all too well the hours upon hours they spent repeating drills, rehearsing lines, studying their craft — and boy do they deserve the best in return.

That being said, sometimes, reality hits hard. Our kids love being a part of their teams and clubs, and we love supporting them and watching them thrive as part of their own community. They deserve quality equipment, uniforms they’re proud to wear, and to have all the tools they need to participate, but experience has shown us that school budgets can only stretch so far.

That’s how Booster Clubs came about to become the noble solution to boost youth athletic teams, school art programs, and the like — parents get to be involved first-hand in raising money to supplement that strapped school budget while also driving up much-needed spirit for the organization.

That said, fundraising isn’t exactly the most enjoyable activity to participate in — but that hotel reservation for State isn’t going to pay for itself. So, we trudge along with the next fundraiser, whatever it may be, to support the greater good.

Waldo Photos Brings a Win-Win to Parents

Do you really need another coupon book or more popcorn tins (to add to the three still sitting in your pantry from last year)? Of course not, but you buy them up anyway for the sake of supporting the team.

It doesn’t have to be that way! 

Our app, known for making sharing photos a breeze, now offers Booster Clubs a new way to fundraise through photo sharing. Waldo is an AI-powered photo delivery platform that utilizes facial and jersey recognition to seamlessly deliver photos to parents, grandparents, and the students themselves. Precious memories delivered right to their devices in near real-time.

Imagine sitting at the school play — where you’ve been told “No Photography!”, or you’re in the 18th row with just your iPhone— and receiving every photo of your star performer taken by the yearbook photographer on that very same evening. You don’t have to lurk on the school’s Facebook page for the next week, hoping they’ll post even ONE photo of your kid’s performance so you can share it; you have ALL of the photos at your fingertips — right away!

How It Generates Funds For You

A camera instantly becomes a tool for your fundraising

Getting Waldo to work as a fundraiser is easy and simple to get started.

  1. The Booster Club signs up for a Waldo account. Our friendly Customer Success team will set up your Booster Club’s account and gallery for the current or upcoming school year.
  2. We’ll teach you how to create albums for your events, and how to easily add people as photo contributors (photographers and parents who take photos at events). Contributors’ photos are all crowdsourced into a single Waldo gallery and stored securely.
  3. Here’s where the magic happens for parents and the fundraising for your booster: Parents who want Waldo to automatically search and find all of their student’s photos and deliver them via text and app alerts sign up for a subscription. The subscription is marketed as a fundraiser, with your Booster Club setting the price. Waldo charges a fixed fee per subscription to manage the searching and delivery of the photos, and your Booster Club retains the rest. In addition, for Booster Clubs who are tired of the overpriced professional team and individual print packages, Waldo can streamline your picture day — parents can get digital downloads for free, order any prints they want right from the app, and the Booster Club will earn 50% of the profits from all prints as well.

Having Waldo as a fundraiser also means you don’t have to spare as much manpower compared to traditional fundraising programs.

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Features that Your Parents will Love

Facial & Jersey Recognition

With Waldo’s facial recognition, parents have to simply upload a selfie of their student and Waldo will match and deliver all relevant photos to your parents. For active sports where faces may not be as visible, Waldo uses proprietary numbered jersey recognition to sort and deliver the photos.

Once photos are matched, Waldo will deliver them directly to parents via text or the free mobile app.

Waldo has proprietary facial and numbered jersey recognition


Waldo allows you to add contributors to your galleries and albums. School staff and students, booster club members, volunteer parents that attended the event themselves, and pro photographers can all be invited to contribute to a single point of photo storage. This massively increases the amount of photos you can have from an event, and in turn increases the amount of photos every parent will receive when they subscribe to Waldo as well. Waldo also supports uploading directly from a DSLR to the Waldo cloud through the Waldo mobile app.

Photo Sharing

Parents get to add up to six family members to their student’s photo stream. Grandma and Grandpa don’t have to wait or feel left out anymore; they too can have every precious photo delivered to their devices, in near real-time!

Waldo Dashboard

An easy-to-manage dashboard ensures that all the photos can be organized with little effort from your busy parent-volunteers. As a Waldo-fied Booster Club, you can enjoy the clear overview of how many photos each student has been captured in, how long it has been since they were photographed, and the number of photo alerts sent. The dashboard is also perfect for putting together end-of-year slideshows, photo albums, and programs.

Waldo Photos' admin dashboard where you can easily organize photos

Video Hosting & Publishing

In addition to photos, now you can store and publish all of your organization’s videos on Waldo! You will be able to upload your videos to Waldo for your families to view via iOS, Android, and Web.

Publish videos on your Waldo feed


With the power of the Waldo app, you can keep in touch with your families all year long. Break through the clutter of email and snail mail with app-based push notifications, making your most important news a lot more visible. Post birthday shoutouts, blogs, videos, reminders and more to your NewsFeed on Waldo and we’ll alert your families with a push notification.

Leveraging Waldo for Picture Day

With Waldo, you can utilize team & individual picture days to your booster’s advantage. Recruit a volunteer photographer for picture day and the digital photos can be sent directly to parents with the subscription. If prints are ordered, your Booster Club will earn 50% of the profits.

Group photo of a college athlete team

Let’s Get You Started

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