Bulk sending holiday cards to your customers just got easier than ever

November 18, 2020

As the holiday season approaches, your team is no doubt preparing for the uptick of business that it brings. While more business is great, it also means more of everything else — more admin tasks, more customer service complaints and, (oh joy!) more meetings. Add on to your plate the tedious task of writing and sending holiday greeting cards to your customers and you might just find yourself overwhelmed.

That said, bulk sending personalized holiday greeting cards to your customers might just be the most rewarding holiday business strategy you can execute yet.

Should I send my customers a greeting card?

Among the most vital tasks your business can tackle during the holiday season is sending greeting cards. According to recent studies, personalized direct mail are 55% more likely to be read, 135% more likely to result in a response or action taken by the recipient, and 35% of recipients are more likely to try out new businesses!

Ultimately, business management is relationship management. You want to ensure that your customers have a tangible reminder of the value you place on your relationship with them. An easy and accessible way to provide this is through greeting cards around the holidays — while it can seem a bit frivolous, the simple, personal touch that greeting cards extend to your customers creates a world of value.

Great relationships are built through time and intentionality. Our closest friends are those that we think about the most frequently — and, consequently, the ones we stay in touch with the most. The same is true between your business and your customers. Drawing repeat customers and clients takes more than passive amicability; it takes true intentionality over a long period of time.

The old way

Writing a holiday card

Traditionally, businesses have to go through a long process to accomplish the fairly simple task of sending a card. The business owner either goes to the store and purchases the cards (where they have to spend time deciding on stationery and envelopes), or orders bulk cards online. These bulk cards are hardly ever well-designed or attractive. Regardless, each card has to be hand-written. Then, it has to be sealed, stamped, addressed, and sent in the mail. This whole process takes a lot of time and money.

Some companies have opted for e-cards, which skip most of this process. If you’ve ever received an e-card, you understand why they don’t work. They either end up buried in the junk folder of your email or disregarded completely. They also lack the authenticity that you want to create between yourself and your customers.


Waldograms are the perfect solution for the greeting card dilemma — they are beautiful, personalized cards you can create right from your device, printed and mailed for you. Waldograms provide all the benefits of traditional cards — the personal touch, the ability to stay at the forefront of your customer’s attention — all without the hassle of the old way.

With Waldograms for Business, bulk sending holiday cards to your entire customer list becomes super easy: Import your contacts into your very own Waldo address book, select your card design, customize your message and cover photo if you want, and hit send — and Waldo does the rest!

Utmost convenience and quality

Every holiday card you send is printed on high quality 5×7 120# UV-coated gloss covers, then mailed for you through USPS first class, drop shipped directly to the doorsteps of your customers.

Beautiful, easy-to-use templates

Specially designed for the holidays, Waldo features beautiful templates that you can easily use for the upcoming holiday season, including Christmas, Hanukkah, or Happy Holiday cards! These templates include either semi-illustrated overlays that you can pair with your own uploaded photos, or professionally-illustrated card covers that will surely make a lasting impression.

Save precious time

As a business owner, you know better than anyone that time is money — and that makes efficiency incredibly important. Rather than spending hours writing cards to your customers, having to seal every envelope and mail them all, Waldograms for Business allows you to bulk send to all your customers within mere minutes.

Save 40% on your cards this year

Compared to other options in the market, Waldograms for Business offers incredibly good rates, starting from only $1.99 per card and gets even cheaper as your send volume goes up. That’s 40% cheaper than other options across the nation. The more you send, the less you spend!

This holiday season, get started with Waldograms for Business

Whether you’re tired of hand-writing all those holiday greeting cards or just want a new way to keep in touch with your customers, Waldograms for Business is your ideal solution. Fill in the form here to get started with Waldograms for Business!