Holiday cards with less hassle: Waldograms, the new way to spread holiday cheer

November 11, 2020

Lots of us remember gathering around for a decidedly cringe-ey, yet wholesome family photo over the holiday season, replete with reindeer-adorned sweaters as well as amusingly blank expressions on our sibling’s faces.

Most of the time, those photos were destined for Christmas cards sent out to all of our friends, relatives, and loved ones. While the recipients of these cards were likely delighted, these cards have traditionally also required a ton of time and effort to produce and mail.

The problem with traditional cards

Aside from the obvious struggle of getting the right photo, traditional Christmas cards required a lot of work.

The photo has been the start of the process which then takes time and effort from there. You either had to go to the store, pick and purchase stationery for your cards, wait in line (during the busiest time of the shopping year) or order cards online to be shipped to you. Then comes the “fun” part — pulling out the ol’ address book, writing names and addresses on each envelope, stamping and sealing each letter (that’s a lot of licking) and stuffing all of them into your mailbox to be sent out over the next week. Are you tired yet?

Here’s some good news: There’s a much, much better way to send all your greeting cards this year — with Waldograms!

Waldograms — physical cards you can send right from Waldo

You might have received an “e-card” from friends or family through social media. These are usually pre-made digital cards that show up in your email inbox. While these are pretty convenient, they seem to lack the personal touch that physical cards create. With Waldo, there’s a much better option than e-cards that combine convenience and personal touch.

Waldograms are beautiful, personalized cards that you create with Waldo, which are then printed and mailed for you. Upload your own photo, choose from dozens of professionally-designed templates, customize your message and stamp (yes, you get to upload your own photo as a stamp!), and you’re done — Waldo will get it drop shipped right to your friends and family members’ doorsteps!

Personalization on top of beautiful templates

Check out the beautiful templates for Thanksgiving and Holiday cards available on Waldo!

Waldo's semi-illustrated overlay templates for Waldograms, featuring your own photo!

These templates act as an overlay, allowing you to personalize your Waldogram with a picture of the family making Thanksgiving dinner, or bundled up making snow angels.

If you don’t have the right photo, there are professionally-illustrated templates available for you to pick from.

Waldo's illustrated templates, all professionally-designed and mailed for you!

The best part might just be the stamp for Waldograms — when you upload your own photo as the stamp, it adds a personal touch to your card like never before! Add in an adorable emoji to go with your stamp and you have yourself a modern holiday card that grandma and grandpa are sure to keep on the fridge all year long.

You can pick your own photo as your stamp when you send a Waldogram

High quality, swift delivery

When it comes to keeping your peace and sanity over the holiday season, cutting down time on tasks is crucial. One of the best ways to do that is to find more efficient ways to do the things you’ve always done.

Waldograms provide the convenience of digital cards with the personal touch of a mailed physical card — all without the hassle. In fact, Waldograms are some of the best quality cards available on the market. Your card will be printed on 5×7, 120# (14PT) UV-coated gloss covers, ensuring your design is reproduced in the highest quality.

Every card is printed and mailed on your behalf — you can let Waldo take care of all the details. These cards are delivered all over the country through USPS first class, ensuring a swift delivery.

Bulk sending for the holidays

According to data from the Greeting Card Association, today’s Americans buy 6.5 billion greeting cards annually. 1.6 billion of those are for Christmas, the largest card-sending holiday in the country. That’s more than 400% of the population of the entire United States!

There’s no doubt that millions of families send holiday cards in bulk to friends and families during the busiest season of the year. Waldo makes it easy to bulk send holiday cards! Import contacts into your very own Address Book, create your card, and hit send — and you’re done. You can even customize your card’s cover and message for each recipient if you want!

P.S. Own a business? Waldograms for Business makes it super simple to greet your customers this holiday. Check it out here!

The pandemic-proof way to go

Looking at how things are going, it looks like it’s still best to stay indoors, socially distance, and stay safe this holiday. Besides being more convenient, sending Waldograms right from Waldo makes it so much safer than to venture into the grocery or stationery store, as well as the post office.

Choose Waldo for an easier way to stay in touch

Most of us are busier than ever this year. It’s always a good idea to find ways to make the simple things easier — like sending out cards over the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Waldograms allow you to create beautiful, personal cards, printed and shipped on your behalf to your friends and family.

If you’re looking for an easier way to stay connected, Waldo is the perfect solution. Get started with a Waldogram template and start creating your card today!