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Do you take event photos for more than 15 days per year?

Check out a Photo Manager + Photo Finder subscription!

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Waldo-fy any event from as low as $149 per event!

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A photo manager built for churches like yours

Waldo Photos is built with powerful features for churches like yours because we know you create cherished memories for your members — and they are more valuable when shared.
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1TB web gallery

Enjoy a secure web gallery featuring church-branded photos, videos, and blogs on iOS, Android, and the Web.

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One-click social sharing and print products

Members can share church-branded photos or order as prints right from the app. Waldo drop-ship the prints right to their doorsteps.

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Custom tagging

Add tags to albums, uploads, or individual photos for easy searching when looking for that perfect photo.

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Add contributors

Invite members to contribute directly to your albums, and review them prior to publishing.

Engage your community with automated mobile photo delivery

Photos are the #1 communication tool of the digital age. Waldo’s facial recognition and mobile delivery will help deliver your story through the social reach of your members.
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App-based member directory and admin dashboard

Engage new members more quickly with Waldo’s app-based, member-populated directory. Always current. Easily accessible.
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Amplify your church’s brand on social

Engage your members and create digital word-of-mouth for your church through photos with custom logo overlays and auto-populated hashtags. Turn your members into your church’s voice on social media!

Modernize your Picture Days — simpler & smarter

Save your photographer and your staff time, delight your families, and fundraise for your church and ministries.
  • No rosters and faster shoot times
  • Mobile proof delivery upon publishing
  • Direct shipping of prints

Perfect for…
  • Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • and more…
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Stay connected with your members through personalized direct mail

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Take advantage of Waldograms for Business to send beautiful Waldograms to your members. Personalize for birthdays and baptisms, or send bulk Waldograms for special event announcements, holidays, and more!

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Over 14,000 5-star Reviews
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Shutterbug albums are created by other Waldo users and are great for sharing your photos with your friends, family, and community you photograph.

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