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Do you take event photos more than 15 days per year?

Check out a Photo Manager + Photo Finder subscription!

Only running the occasional event?

Waldo-fy any event from as low as $149 per event!

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Photo management and sharing made easy

Say goodbye to photos scattered across hard drives, thumb drives, Dropbox, and Drive. Waldo helps your company centrally gather, store, curate and deliver your photo and video content.

Automated sifting and sorting

Waldo’s facial recognition powers automatically sift and sort photos of the employees you photograph.

Wireless DSLR upload

Waldo allows auto-upload to the cloud from your DSLR as soon as you hear the click.

Add contributors

Invite employees to add photos to your albums, and review them prior to publishing.

Increase employee engagement and make your events more fun with automated photo delivery

Waldo uses facial recognition to help you automatically deliver candid photos taken at your corporate events to the people you photograph via mobile alerts and SMS — in near real time.

Admin dashboard with employee photos

Waldo provides you with an admin dashboard of each employee and the photos they appear in for easy searching and curating!

Show off your company culture and achievements

Photos shared through Waldo automatically come with a branded overlay and your hashtag in the post. When your employees post branded photos, your company’s positive reach on social media grows exponentially.

Looking for a better way to take your corporate headshots? Waldo has you covered!

Waldo-fy your employee headshots for a streamlined and valuable service to your employees!
  • No rosters and faster shoot times
  • Mobile proof delivery to your staff upon publishing
  • Direct shipping of prints to your staff

Perfect for…
  • Photoshoots
  • Headshots

Personalize your employee recognition with Waldograms!

Take advantage of Waldograms for Business to send beautiful cards to your employees. Personalize with a favorite employee photo for recognition, birthdays, or send bulk cards for special event announcements, holidays, and more!

Over 14,000 5-Star Reviews
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Ready to Waldo-fy your next event?

Shutterbug albums are created by other Waldo users and are great for sharing your photos with your friends, family, and community you photograph.

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