Cutting Edge Photo & Marketing SaaS For Churches

January 7, 2021

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Last week marked the end of decades of little change in how churches have created their directories and held their Picture Days as Lifetouch shuttered their church division and Waldo, the photo industry’s newest cutting edge photo management and delivery platform, announced its expansion into churches the same week. Waldo, currently loved by hundreds of thousands of families across the country who use the service at their families’ camp or school, is now available to churches in North America.

Easier Member Directories
With Waldo, churches can decentralize the building of the directory with each member providing their photo via Waldo’s texting platform and easy-to-use app. The digital directory will remain current throughout the year as new members can join the directory simply by sending a text and providing a photo. Print copies can be ordered in small batches at any time.

Fundraising from Picture Day
Waldo’s solution for Picture Day is like nothing the industry has ever seen. With Waldo’s facial recognition, mobile first photo delivery and app-based purchasing solution, churches can DIY their Picture Day and retain 80% of the profits! All your church has to do is take the photos and upload them to the Waldo cloud and then Waldo does the rest! Waldo eliminates the need for rosters to manage the delivery of photos as the system automatically sorts the proofs and sends each member their photos to preview. Members can then order their digital downloads and print packages over the mobile app with Waldo shipping their photos directly to their homes.

Content Management
While Waldo has completely reimagined the church directory, Picture Days, and fundraising, your church’s photo management gets an upgrade, too. Waldo has built the most  easy-to-use photo management tool on the market which helps churches save time with content management and drives more community engagement and online reach through the easy sharing of branded event photos on social media.

The platform starts with a secure and smart way of gathering and publishing event photos. Waldo provides administrators with an invite system which allows any invited contributor to upload their photos to the churches gallery via mobile app or desktop. They can easily contribute their photos into the appropriate album for an event while allowing the administrator the opportunity to review and approve their photos prior to publishing. In a world where everyone is increasingly a shutterbug, Waldo has developed a system which allows for easy crowdsourcing for more captured memories while enabling sensible controls and moderation.

Now that your church has more members putting logs on the proverbial photo wood pile, Waldo’s real superpowers kick in. AI-driven sorting of photos by members, custom tagging and highlighting for easier locating of photos for marketing materials, slideshows, social media and the like. No more combing through piles of photos for hours. Waldo’s powerful filtering and searching capabilities put the right photo at your fingertips in seconds.

Automated Photo Delivery within Minutes
Want to deliver photos from special events out to your families? Waldo has you covered. Waldo’s facial recognition and mobile delivery platform will allow your congregation to automatically receive the photos they are featured in via text or app alert within minutes of their being uploaded to the gallery. No more, “Hey, can you email me that photo?” or “I’ll text it to you later, I promise!” Waldo helps everyone get all the photos others take of them and their family allowing everyone to put their phones back into their pockets and fully engage without sacrificing the priceless memories the photos provide.

Spread the Word with Waldo
Waldo is your church’s marketing BFF as well. Waldo has been built with the realities of the social media marketing world in mind. All of your church’s photos uploaded to Waldo can automatically bear your church’s logo in the bottom right corner or as a ribbon banner. And when the photos are posted by your congregation to Facebook by your members, the post will feature your chosen hashtag automatically. This branding serves as a great tool for spreading the word through the social reach of your current members.

Waldo in Action
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What’s a practical use of Waldo’s new age tech? A common use where the platform has shined more than once has been with city-wide service projects. Historically, it was next to impossible to gather photos from a dozen or more locations and teams. With Waldo, everyone can upload their photos to a common album from the field and then each volunteer will receive the photos they are found in and can post them to social media in a single tap. It helps give everyone a real-time view into the project as a whole and with branded and hashtagged photos being easily posted to social media by volunteers, it  amplifies the event online and encourages more support.