UGC Marketing for Camps

January 5, 2021

Don’t miss out on why digital word of mouth is the overlooked powerhouse of camp marketing, and how YOU can effectively drive digital word of mouth for your camp!

We all know word of mouth is the most important marketing tactic. A close second is digital marketing. But, what if you could combine the two and create a powerhouse strategy to drive engagement and enrollment?

Waldo and Truth Tree are hosting a free webinar ‘Digital Word of Mouth Marketing for Camps’ which talks about the importance of DWOM for camp marketing, and how you can drive effective digital word of mouth to massively increase your camp’s enrollment.

Our Hosts:

Trevor Waddington, Principal at Truth Tree

Trevor is an educational entrepreneur and Principal at Truth Tree. He owns four companies that help independent camps and summer camps effectively communicate with interested families. Trevor is a former social studies teacher, admission and marketing director, summer camp director, and occasional field trip bus driver.

Toni Schach, Chief of Staff at Waldo

Toni is the Chief of Staff at Waldo Photos, leading up the operations and account management teams. She has helped hundreds of their partners unlock the marketing value of turning their families into unpaid influencers and raise fundraising dollars in the process.

Trevor and Toni will be dispensing invaluable data, insights, and tips about digital word of mouth for camp marketing during the webinar. Make sure you don’t miss it!