First Year of Marriage Bucket List For Newlyweds

September 26, 2022
52 Post-Wedding Bucket List Activities

The first year of marriage is such a special time full of new experiences and growth with your partner. It’s exciting to try new things, maybe live together for the first time, and deepen your connection with each other. The first year of marriage is a unique time in your life. You don’t want to miss out on spending your first year of marriage to the fullest.  

After many months, sometimes even years, building up excitement while planning a wedding – sometimes newlyweds feel the post-wedding blues. While these are totally normal feelings, the fun of marriage is just getting started! 

Now is the time to share new experiences with your life partner. We have compiled a list of 52 bucket list items (1 activity each week) to experience with your new spouse for your first year of marriage. These ideas are a guide to help you keep the newlywed excitement alive and become more connected with your significant other. Feel free to curate these bucket list items to fit your lifestyle and maybe even create your own ideas for your bucket list! 

Here are 52 bucket list ideas for your first year of marriage…

  1. Recreate your first date
  2. Plan a surprise for your S.O. 
  3. Make smores 
  4. Take an unplanned weekend trip
  5. Have a movie night in the living room 
  6. Host a dinner party
  7. Binge watch a classic show you’ve never seen before
  8. Take a cooking class
  9. Plan a surprise date
  10. Go camping
  11. Listen to a podcast 
  12. Start a new holiday tradition
  13. Bake cookies from scratch
  14. Go mini golfing 
  15. Visit an escape room
  16. Go out somewhere fancy
  17. Take a painting class
  18. Go stargazing 
  19. Visit a local hiking trail 
  20. Try a new food 
  21. Visit a new city 
  22. Go to a drive in movie 
  23. Read a book together 
  24. Go bowling 
  25. Play a new board game 
  26. Visit the beach 
  27. Have a relaxing spa night 
  28. Bake a homemade cake 
  29. Go swimming in the river 
  30. Visit a museum 
  31. Rent an AirBnB for the weekend 
  32. Try geocaching 
  33. Go sledding in the winter time 
  34. Catch fireflies 
  35. Make Christmas cookies 
  36. Volunteer at a local nonprofit 
  37. Build a blanket fort 
  38. Try a new recipe 
  39. Visit the local pumpkin patch 
  40. Learn a new skill 
  41. Have a bonfire 
  42. Go horseback riding 
  43. Watch the sunrise/sunset 
  44. Go to the movies
  45. Have a puzzle night 
  46. Visit the local farmers market 
  47. Make a gingerbread house 
  48. Go on a wine tasting tour 
  49. Have a picnic 
  50. Try kayaking 
  51. Play vintage video games 
  52. Start a new hobby

Final Thoughts

We hope you find this bucket list helpful and it brings you excitement. The first year of marriage is an amazing time to invest time and energy into your life with your partner. We’re so excited that we created a free downloadable printable for you with each of the bucket list activities for you to mark off as you go.

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