The Trendy Alternative to Your Wedding Guestbook: The Video Guestbook

September 28, 2022
The Trendy Alternative to Your Wedding Guestbook: The Video Guestbook from Waldo

Having an alternative or non-traditional guestbook can be a great way to make your wedding day unique. Not only will you get to enjoy seeing how all your friends and family chose to engage with it, but it can also be a great way to get your guests engaged from the moment they arrive. However, with all the time, money, and effort that go into wedding planning, something like the format for the guestbook might not be at the top of your list. 

Alternative guestbooks can be a fun addition to your reception design, and you don’t have to look far to see tons of examples. One trendy way for your guests to “sign in” is with a video guestbook. With the Waldo Photos app, your guests can record a short video for you to keep rather than signing into a guestbook. 

Unique Guestbook Experience

A video guestbook allows not only for unique and endearing responses, but it also gives those who were unable to attend a chance to be included. Travel can be difficult or not possible for a variety of reasons and just sending a card can often feel impersonal. The video guestbook gives those unable to travel the opportunity to send you a personalized message for your big day. 

A video guestbook entry at a wedding using WaldoWed

Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Another way people like to get their guests involved at a wedding is to distribute disposable cameras to the various tables at the reception. This similarly provides a way for guests to help you create memories of the big day. However, as the name might suggest, disposal cameras are designed to be thrown away after use. The video guestbook offers the same experience without the waste, plus a great benefit you might not have considered. 

Video and Photo Quality for Wedding Guestbook

In addition to the wasteful nature of the disposable camera, these also have the drawback of not taking high quality pictures. If your wedding reception is in the evening or at night, this problem may be more pronounced. 

With a video guestbook, you are asking the guests to take the pictures or videos with their own phones. From number of pixels to zooming capabilities to quality of the lens, the average smartphone drastically outperforms a disposable camera. Plus, the newer the phone, the better quality it is likely to produce. 

The video guestbook can be a win-win in this regard. On the one hand, you will be able to get better quality pictures and from your guests to help you remember your wedding and all those who attended. Plus, having guests use their own phones for the activity can eliminate a lot of waste created by something like disposable cameras or other single-use products. And as an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about purchasing all those disposable cameras!

A group of wedding guests takes pictures at a wedding

Document Memories Through the Night

Another great benefit of choosing a video guestbook is that it is not a static object. This means that your guests can continually send in videos they take during the reception. Weddings can feel like a blur for those in the wedding party. With so much planned, and so many many people to talk to, it can be difficult to take in everything that is happening. 

Having your guests continue to contribute to a dynamic guestbook allows you to live and relive moments from your wedding that can be more candid than a traditional videographer could capture. 

Wedding Video Upkeep 

One worry that you may have is how will you keep up with all these videos? While a traditional videographer might not be able to capture these “in-the-moment” moments your guests can, they will keep track of all the video files and send them to you in a usable format. This is where the Waldo Photos app comes in.

The Waldo Photos app provides a single location for you to receive your video guestbook, and it provides a platform for your guests to record all moments that otherwise can be missed. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users, so your guests shouldn’t have an issue getting up and running. The Waldo Photos app is also able to accept pictures sent via SMS, so guests without smartphones or the app can still contribute!

Sharing Your Wedding Memories

Watching videos and seeing the smiling faces of your guests as you flip through their photos should be enjoyable. Digging through each photo and video trying to make sure you share all the pictures with the right people can be very time consuming. Luckily, the Waldo Photos app has a solution for that too. 

Using smart vision, the app is able to automatically collect and deliver each guest their photos. This takes the detective work off of your plate, which means you can focus on enjoying the experience. As an added bonus, the smart vision technology also allows for easily personalized thank you cards that feature pictures of the card’s recipient. It can be difficult to find the time to put the proper thought and effort into your thank you cards, but with the Waldo Photos app, you can get your cards in the mail fast without sacrificing the personal touch. 

Live Slideshows to Share All Your Memories

Slideshows can be a great way to show your guests the history of your relationship, how far back you and your groomsmen or bridesmaids go, or just to showcase your important memories. The Waldo Photos app is also able to take care of creating your slideshow, so all you, and your guests, have to do is send in the memories. Plus, the live slideshow feature allows your guests to add pictures in real time! This can be another exciting way to keep your guests engaged and involved in your wedding from the rehearsal dinner to till they see you off at the end of the reception.  

a colorful wedding cake decorated with fruits

Finishing Up

Wedding planning and preparation takes a lot of work and can feel overwhelming. From trying to make sure everyone is accommodated to ensuring the food and flowers arrive, it is a very busy time. As much as we love the decoration and pageantry that can go into these events, it is always important to remember that weddings are celebrations! Using technology like the Waldo Photos app can help take some of the planning off of your plate, which means you have more energy to focus on having a good time. 

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