5 Wedding Flower Trends

May 7, 2022
Five Wedding Flower Trends That Will Stand Out This Year

Wedding floral trends this year are likely to blossom with creativity and several not-yet-explored designs. Whether it’s an explosion of dramatic designs or an unexpected rise of textures, or simple (but not any less elegant) eco-friendly adornments – the year 2023 brings with it a bag full of quirky, whimsical, bright, rustic, fresh, experimental, and basically all things awe-inspiring floral magic.

Be sure to work closely with your florist – from start to end – to dig as deep as possible into which blooms would blend right in with the wedding of your dreams. Getting an experienced professional by your side will help you pick the flowers that would work the best for your venue. That said, here are a few wedding flower trends you might want to watch out for to give your wedding a unique edge.

Larger-than-Life Designs

Like most couples, you probably believe your big day must be a huge cause of celebration. Each detail must come with a “wow” factor of its own, and each memory must be delicately designed. Keeping this factor in mind, it’s no wonder wedding parties this year would go with the theme of “bigger is better.”

Lush and detailed tablescapes, gorgeous escort walls, flower installation with a strong infusion of drama, and venue entrances adorned with a generous dose of hand-picked floral designs – weddings will be all about unrestrained beauty.

Ideas like – enchanting cloudlike arrangements hanging from the ceiling and pretty planted aisles that make it look like you’re gliding through a garden of wildflowers – will be embraced more than ever this year. The goal is to go beyond the regular centerpieces and bouquets and include blooms popping up in the most unexpected places.

A Dash Of Drama

Many designers and florists have seen a drastic decline in the traditional bouquets and centerpieces. This is because couples are paying greater attention to the more dramatic side of floral designs.

Stunning cascading flowers, whimsical floral designs, floral chandeliers, suspended or floating abstract designs, floral arches carved in different sizes and shapes, and creative combinations of texture and color – the weddings this year are all set to unfold in a dramatic style. Couples are willing to go big on their budget to have only the most exclusive designs covering their weddings.

Brighter and Bolder Hues

The past few years have certainly been difficult for several to-be brides and grooms (thanks to the pandemic!). But this time also gave brides the chance to forage through weddings around the world and simply go bold with their wedding flower options.

Couples will likely let go of the softer color palettes and brainstorm with their designers to make way for something more unique. From autumn hues to citrus to contrasting color pops – flowers will have a lot more colorful stories to tell this year.

The world certainly needs more color, and what better than a wedding for making that happen!

Textures, And More Textures

As couples segue into more new, unique floral designs this year – weddings will be laced with fewer roses and a larger variety of blooms. A massive dose of heavy greenery will likely replace the traditional two-piece hydrangea rose special. Dried floral elements will be artistically designed to supply venues with a fresh and unique aura. Weddings will also see a lot more rattan and pampas for the ceremony and reception décor. The goal this trend intends to achieve is the unusually breathtaking fusion of soft floral colors and varied textures.

Sustainable Designs

Protecting the environment has become an important priority for people around the world. Many couples are now embracing eco-friendly flower designs to avoid causing the planet any harm. Seasonal blossoms and foliage, locally grown flowers, silk flora, and dried flowers are seeing a massive surge in popularity this year. Another surging trend making the rounds in the wedding and floral industry includes using foam-free arrangements and installations.

Let Your Big Day Blossom

Borrowing from the above trends would certainly bring in that enchanting factor your wedding deserves. That said, if you have some of your own ideas brewing in the corner of your mind, don’t hesitate to bring them to light!

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