How to Add a Live Wedding Slideshow to Your Reception and Rehearsal

May 1, 2022
How to Add Live Slideshow

Wedding is poetry, it’s your happiness taking its own unrestrained form. So, no wonder all your pre-wedding jitters are justified. And when the big day finally arrives, everything, we mean everything, needs to be special. 

Talking about your wedding day, you know the trickiest part that needs a little more care than usual – keeping your guests engaged and giving them a space to interact even when you’re busy dealing with a quadrillion things. 

One of the most special – and we must say, the most unique ways – to make your wedding a massive hit, especially among your guests, is through Waldo’s LIVE wedding slideshow. While traditional slideshows can cover your sentiments and memories beautifully, they fail to include the involvement of the guests in them. 

Waldo’s live wedding slideshow, on the other hand, ensures the guests engage and interact with your slideshow, so everyone ends up becoming an integral part of your wedding in their own small way. 

Read on to know how Waldo helps you create a live slideshow that would capture your wedding emotions for a lifetime.

How To Get Your Guests Involved With A Live Wedding Slideshow? 

A priceless addition to a couple’s wedding, a live slideshow can shine a brighter light on the couple’s personality and relationship. It takes viewers on your meaningful journey by combining the past, present, and even future elements of both you and your partner’s lives. But most importantly, a live slideshow honors the guests by involving them in the slideshow.

Waldo’s live slideshow lets guests effortlessly add photos to it. Its text-based photo uploading feature works via your own QR code. 

Once your wedding reception glows with Waldo’s live slideshow, your guests can add meaningful photos in real-time! 

This photo treasure is automatically converted into a slideshow to unleash a range of memorable emotions – from humor-infused laughs to tears of happiness. Since Waldo would handle all the uploading and sorting for you, you can focus all your attention on enjoying your wedding. 

Waldo also curates a slideshow with your photos from the past – from when you were a baby to your first prom night to the memorable moments spent with your life partner just a few days before the wedding – for your guests to cherish. 

Digging up and uploading sweet old memories can simply be a breeze for your family and friends with WaldoWed.

waldo live wedding slideshow

Packing the Pre-Wedding Nostalgia In Your Slideshow

While Waldo does your live slideshow homework for you, you might still want to curate your own compilation of photos. To help you create the best one, we’ve lined up a few tips!

  1. Go In Order

    When adding photos to your slideshow, make sure they are in chronological order. You don’t want a memorable cocktail – prom, nursery school, high school graduation, baby in a crib, girl scouts – sprouting out of random photo arrangements.

  2. Maintain the balance

    Make sure you maintain the symmetry by adding an equal number of photos of both the bride and the groom.

  3. Add High-Quality Images

    You get what we’re saying. You can’t expect the guests to squint at blurry photos. Instead, add high-quality photos that will not only hold your memories in place but also leave a powerful impact.

Making Your Live Wedding Slideshow A Star

We understand how valuable every element of your wedding is. This is why it’s critical to make sure you have everything prepared for your slideshow. Start with letting the venue know that you plan on showing a video. This will give them enough time to create a favorable space for the screen and projection in the venue’s floor plan. Also, make sure the screen isn’t placed in an awkward spot – you want it in a place where all the guests can view it comfortably. 

If your video is long, you can play it on a loop, so nobody misses anything. But, if you want to create an environment for everyone to watch it together, you can either schedule it during the reception dinner or during the dessert service. It can be harder to sustain the attention of the guests before dinner since they’re usually hungry around that time. Hosting the video during dinner time can be a good idea. But if you want everyone’s undivided attention, the best time would be to run it during dessert service. 

With your live wedding slideshow now in place, you might also want to consider organizing your post-wedding photo-sharing tasks. From organizing, arranging, and sending everyone specific photos they’re in, dealing with photo-sharing can be a taxing job. 

This is another issue Waldo can help you with! Alongside creating a heart-touching slideshow, Waldo will automatically handle all your photo-sharing tasks, so you don’t have to take a break from your precious postnuptial moments. Enjoy your memories — simply, smartly, and securely delivered.