How to DIY Sports League Picture Days

January 21, 2021

We get it! Picture Days have been the bane of your league’s existence for years. Delays in your game schedule, overpriced photos, missing forms, lost orders, the pain of delivery and crumpled photos. In this age of new tech, why hasn’t the process or the price of Picture Day changed in 30 years?

Look no further, Waldo is now offering their platform to league owners looking to simplify their Picture Day and deliver the convenience of mobile ordering and drop ship delivery with lower prices to their families while turning Picture Day into a meaningful fundraiser for the leagues. 

Don’t Drop the Ball on Picture Day!

We know Picture Days of the past have been like herding cats. Jimmy is late. Billy forgot his form. Sam doesn’t have his check. The dominos start to fall and games are delayed. With Waldo’s completely digital process and facial recognition delivery, the roster is a thing of yesteryear. Your photographer doesn’t need to know which athlete or team is in what order on the SD card. Athletes can be photographed in any order and Waldo automagically does the sifting and sorting and delivers the right proofs to the right parents directly via text alert. This allows leagues to hire a freelance photographer at a day rate.  Another option would be to recruit a volunteer or assign someone on their staff who enjoys taking photographs but doesn’t want to deal with the “business part” of Picture Day. Once the photos are taken, they are simply uploaded to the Waldo cloud and the league’s job is done. 

Waldo Takes Over from Upload and Delivers Prints to Doorsteps

As soon as your photographer uploads the Picture Day photos to the Waldo cloud, Waldo starts to work his magic. Parents simply text in a reference image of their athlete to Waldo which gets matched to the Picture Day photos and proofs are then texted to each parent. Parents can then easily order the print package they want, immediately download the hi-res digital file and post it to social, and then receive their prints to their doorstep in 3 – 5 days. Prices are typically 40% less than traditional Picture Day vendors and the experience is much more enjoyable and convenient.  

Turn Picture Day into Fundraiser Day

Unlike most Picture Day vendors, who share 5 – 15% of revenue, Waldo only charges a 20% fee and your league keeps 80% of the profits. Everyone wins with Waldo, less work and disruption on game day, lower prices to parents and greater revenues to your league. 

Don’t want to organize a Picture Day and just want to let your teams organize their own? 

Teams wanting to take photos on their own is not an issue, Waldo can support this as well!  Once they snap their photos and they’re uploaded to the Waldo cloud, the proofs will be texted to the parents.

How to Waldo-fy your
Team Picture Day

How is all of this possible? Waldo simplifies your Picture Day and turns it into your #1 fundraiser in 4 simple steps.

1. Upload your Picture Day photos to Waldo

Hire a photographer on a day rate, recruit a volunteer or assign someone on your team to shoot your Picture Day photos, then simply upload them to the Waldo cloud.  

2. Parents text in a selfie of their athlete and purchase photos

Parents text in a selfie of their athlete, receive back proofs, and purchase their digital downloads and print packages via the Waldo app. Waldo provides you with all the marketing collateral needed to inform your parents on how to sign up!

3. Waldo delivers the photos directly to their doorsteps

Waldo drop ships all purchased photos directly to their home or office on your behalf.

4. You keep the funds!

Waldo remits 80% of your Picture Day profits back to the team or league. It will be your easiest and most productive fundraiser yet!

Waldo has your Picture Day Covered!

Your Simplified Solution

Waldo simplifies your Picture Day to minimize the disruption and deliver a smooth process to coaches, teams and parents. From the elimination of forms and checks, to the direct shipping of orders to homes and offices. Waldo makes your life as a league owner easier. 

Your Parents Will Love Waldo

Waldo helps parents save up to 40% versus traditional vendors — and raises funds for your league at the same time. Print photo packages are easily ordered via mobile devices. Waldo allows parents to easily view proofs and order print photo packages within the Waldo app. Prints are then drop shipped conveniently right to their doorsteps!

Ready to DIY Your Picture Day?

Contact us below and we can help you get signed up for a #TeamWaldo Picture Day!