How Waldo helps campers live the moment

We live for joyful experiences in life. When we’re 100% present in the moment with friends and family, these moments tend to stick with us for life. Technology is tricky and often makes these moments rarer. We’re able to document more than ever and this urge seems to take a toll on the quality of our actual experiences. In a strange twist, technology has a funny way of creating a problem and then solving it. We like to think that Waldo is one of these technologies which has arrived to solve the problem the smartphone camera has created by allowing families to live in the moment while still getting the photos they’ll cherish forever. 

For Kelly Jo Cox, Trout Creek Bible Camp is her happy place. Camp is where she found her people and where her best memories have been made. After having worked as a camp counselor around the world, she has found that there’s no place she’d rather be than at camp in Corbett, Oregon. She certainly isn’t alone thinking this, the growing number of campers that come through every year is a testament to how impactful the camp is. At Trout Creek Bible Camp, the countless joyous memories created there might be all but forgotten if it wasn’t for Waldo.  Kelly Jo says that “Parents were able to see photos of their child with smiles on their faces and be reassured every day that they are safe, happy and having fun, therefore eliminating the need to call and check in on them.” She goes on to say that “(Waldo) was a great perk for us as a camp and helped us to keep campers present in their camp week and not pull them out of the moment to talk to their parents.”

What good are all the pictures taken at camp if you can’t readily find the faces of your loved ones? By directly sending parents photos of their kids, Waldo creates a connection that shares the joys of camp with the whole family, including grandma and grandpa.  Campers get to put down their cell phones for the only time all year and parents get to sit back and relax during their only kid-free time of the year. Camp photographers capture all the magical camp moments of campers immersed in building lifelong friendships and parents get a bird’s eye view into their camper’s experience via Waldo’s text-based photo delivery system. 

By almost making it feel like you were there, not only does Waldo serve as a window into the lives of kids at camp, but it allows campers to be more fully immersed in the joys of camp.

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