New AI-Powered Photo Sharing Relieves Newlyweds of Common Post-Wedding Headaches

January 25, 2022

Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married… went the famous song by the Dixie Cups. This upbeat ditty that played in the film Father of the Bride (1991), captures the exuberance couples feel going into their big day. Can any feeling really compare to the excitement the bride and groom feel, as they stand at the altar, just before pledging their love before family and friends?

Despite so much elation and anticipation, not everyone has the financial ability to hire wedding planners, coordinators, and designers along with a veritable army of other pros to pull off the perfect nuptials. Instead, many of us take a more “DIY” approach. No matter. Your wedding day can still be wonderful, full of lasting memories with friends and family—even without a massive staff and/or a mega-budget.

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Still, your chances of success improve dramatically if you leverage technology to make sharing pictures and video, the concrete memories of your special day, as easy as saying “I do” to your future spouse. Photography is frequently the first item on the DIY wedding list. After all, most brides don’t have the greenhouse (or green thumb) to handle their own flowers.

But modern photography is evolving, often driven by pro-am photography gear, blurring the line between a family member pressed into service and a working professional. The mistake too many brides and their grooms make while planning a wedding is they only consider the first part of the equation, the actual process of picture taking and video filming. 

The second and potentially more stressful part concerns the distribution of wedding photos to all the family and friends who joined in the celebration. The stress of managing this process, both before and long after the wedding, is enough to turn even the calmest bride into a bridezilla. If you haven’t yet considered how photography might impact your family relations long after the last slice of cake is served, it’s critical to do so now.

Wedding photos should be about celebrating the newly formed union of husband and wife but can easily devolve into a minefield of hurt feelings. Loved ones can become so invested in the event from the emotional connection they’ve built with the couple and can be easily offended by picture mix-ups that occur after everyone goes home. Were pictures sent to one aunt but not another? Were the best shots of a close family member left out by accident? 

These are the types of minor flubs that tend to go nuclear after a wedding. But let’s be clear about one thing. Newly married couples have better things to do than play family politics, which is why savvy brides and grooms turn to tech solutions to make distributing photos to family and friends a breeze. The company leading the charge to simplify wedding photography is Waldo Photos.

Waldo Photos, trusted by hundreds of thousands of families at camps, schools, youth sports, and other family activities now offers WaldoWed, to engaged couples who want to take advantage of Waldo’s private, AI-powered photo-sharing platform.  The company’s leadership had an epiphany when one customer remarked, “I wish I had Waldo for my daughter’s wedding pictures.” 

This “Eureka!” moment for the company led them to create WaldoWed and brings some fun and interesting benefits for brides that the wedding industry had yet to see. Now, when a bride and groom decide to “Waldo-fy” their wedding, headaches and potential family squabbles about wedding photos disappear. How? Waldo harnesses the power of AI to provide a level of service that once took an army of wedding helpers to sort out. The key to how Waldo Photos operates is its ease of use, and ability to get the right pictures to the right people every time.

Waldo promises a simplified wedding photo experience and delivers on this promise through easy-to-use tools. The magic begins through its centralization of all wedding pictures. The app allows for wedding photos to be collated from a pro photographer or the amateur who takes their place along with photos taken by attendees. Oftentimes the most touching pictures of a wedding occur far from the main camera’s eye, but Waldo makes sure these precious moments aren’t missed. The fact that guests can easily add their own photos via a customized QR code is just the beginning of the crowdsourcing of wedding photography that Waldo enables.

Waldo empowers live slideshows of your wedding while the event is still unfolding. Guests will feel like an even greater part of your celebration when they are able to share their pictures with the entire room while everyone is still together. Additionally, Waldo features a video guestbook that allows attendees and even those who couldn’t make it to record video greetings to the happy couple. So far, so good, but how can Waldo help avoid the unhappy aunts and upset sisters who get shorted when pictures go out? This is where the company’s innovative AI system takes over.

As pictures come in from photographers and guests alike, Waldo Photos’ AI system uses opt-in facial recognition to instantly match pictures to guests. Attendees can even sign up to receive real-time text alerts every time a photo they are in is uploaded to the system. Family members will never again feel insulted by not receiving pictures when they are automatically alerted to view new pictures in the Waldo app for iPhone, Android, or web. The complete elimination of family stress over pictures is music to the ears of practically anyone, but especially those about to experience “Here Comes the Bride.”

Waldo Photos’ specialized wedding photo platform is perfect to simplify the photography at your wedding, making guests as happy as the married couple. Its video guestbook and live slideshows help every attendee contribute to the lasting memories of the wedding, and most importantly, it returns peace of mind to the bride and groom so they can concentrate on what really matters — their future together. To learn more about how Waldo Photos will help make your wedding a smooth and memorable experience for all, visit the Waldo Photos wedding site.