5 Fun ways to get all of the photos your guests take at your wedding

September 5, 2018

Because you know they’ll be snappin’

It’s no secret – photos are one of the most important aspects of your wedding. The day will go by in a dizzying whirl, each small beautiful memory a blurry and fleeting moment in time. I’m sure you’ve already lined up a photographer. But what about all the photos your guests take at your wedding? All your family and friends with phones out, snapping all the wonderful moments they experience at your wedding. You’ll want those too.

What’s the best way to get them? You could just wing it, wrangling photos from friends or use a wedding day hashtag unique to you and your special day and then search social for it in hopes that your friends actually remember it.

But what about Grandma’s pics? She’s not on social (#blessherheart). And what about your cute 12-year-old nephew – the one who has the cool kids’ digital camera. How can you make sure and see alllll the photos?

Here are 5 of the most fun ways to get every photo taken at your wedding:

1. Do it with disposable cameras

These are still a thing – a fun thing! If you’re asking folks to ditch their devices for your event, disposable cameras on each table is a fun way to get your guests involved. There are some cute disposable cameras out there made just for weddings. With a few signs asking your guests to capture all the candid moments they see, you’ll get some real gems.

Price: $8-15/camera + printing costs
Pros: A throw-back that brings a physical camera back into the photo capturing game and a fun way for your guests to get involved.
Cons: Ummm, do photo labs still exist?!? This writer had to ask Google but the answer is yes (and Google just rolled its smug googly eyes at me). Try CVS or Walgreens. Another con? Your guests won’t be able to see all the photos unless you share the digital versions.

2. Go vintage with cute instant cameras


A collection of mini polaroid-style cameras that spit out the actual tangible photo memories on the spot? Now that’s fun! Not to mention these popular FujiFilm Instax Mini cameras come in every possible pastel color, making them a drool-worthy wedding party favor. Anyone can use them – from your little flower girl to your great-grandma. Just point, shoot, and give that film a little shake in your fingers and voila! (They say the shake is just a myth… but… come..on… Shake it like a…)

Price: $50-$70/camera
Pros: These cameras are gorgeous and the instant prints are definitely scrapbook worthy.
Cons: It’s a bit spendy if you want one for each table and you’ll want to keep the photos for yourself…so you’ll have to remind the guests to leave the pics for you. (But, oh, the temptation!)

3. Share a Google Photos or DropBox link to your guests

The most common method of collecting and sharing photos that everybody knows — using Google Photos or DropBox! They come free (unless you exceed the free storage space), and are easy to get people on board. Share a link during your wedding and let everybody pile on their photos! However, heads up — things could get messy with everybody just contributing photos without any prior review, so take note on that!

Price: Free (pay for more storage space)
Pros: Easy-to-use, apps are household names that many people have access to
Cons: Pretty much just a folder to dump photos in — without proper album structures and any reviews prior to contribution, things could get real messy and you might have to spend hours sorting photos after that!

4. Real-time photo sharing with Veri

This real-time photo sharing app turns on photo sharing from each guest’s phone. That means every photo they take at your wedding will automatically get added to your album without them having to upload. When the wedding ends, sharing automatically stops. (Guests can turn photo sharing off anytime.)

Price: $69-$129
Pros: Guests only have to download app to get involved. No photo uploading required as it happens automatically.
Cons: We all love Grandma’s pics. But sometimes a little curation can go a looooooong way 😉 PS. You’ll never get those minutes hours back.

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5. Photo sharing (and facial rec!) with Waldo


The newest kid on the photo-sharing block is Waldo, a photo app powered by facial recognition. With Waldo, your wedding guests can submit a selfie via text or app and then get notified every time they appear in a photo. Also unique to Waldo, your pro photographer can upload a next-day highlight reel – and all their photos once edited – and all your guests will get the photos they are in. It’s the ultimate party favor. You’ll get every photo uploaded in hi-res, with options to create multiple albums with access controls. (Don’t need Grandma viewing your bridesmaid night out? Uncle Bob not invited to Sunday brunch? No problem.)

Price: $199 for up to six wedding events
Pros: Where do we begin? Facial recognition that alerts guests to the photos they appear in – a fun and engaging photo experience for your guests, which means more pics for you! Plus, the pro photographer web integration allows your wedding photographer to share their pics all in the same gallery, along with wireless DSLR for real-time uploading. Our personal favorite: you and your guests can order photo prints directly from your Waldo albums, and Waldo will drop ship them!
Cons: Your wedding guests might be more excited to look at pictures of themselves than you 😉

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