Rainy Day Summer Camp Activities

November 10, 2022
rainy day summer camp activities

Don’t let the rainy days get you down! There are plenty of activities that your campers can participate in for the rainy days and still have a great time. We have compiled a list of activities that can be done either outside in the rain, or inside to avoid the rain. Regardless of which activities you choose for your rainy day camp activities, your campers are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Outside Activities 

A little rain never hurts anybody! Get outside and take advantage of the fun brought by the rain. Just be cautious of lightning and the potential for hypothermia if it’s cold outside. If there isn’t clear potential for danger – go have fun in the rain. 

Slip n Slide

Your campers will already be wet from the rain, why not add to the fun and break out the slip n slide? Campers could use the slip n slide for fun, or make it a competition for a little added excitement. If you’re feeling ambitious, add baby soap or baby oil for an extra slippery slip n slide experience. 


Kickball is an exciting outdoor game for kids of all ages. A little rain to the kickball match only increases the fun. Cabins compete against each other. The team with the most runs (points) by the end of the time limit wins. 

Color Tag

The campers each wear a light colored shirt outside for color tag. The person who is “it” has water balloons filled with dye. If campers are hit with a dye filled water balloon, the evidence will be apparent on their shirt and now they are also “it.” The last person standing who doesn’t have a dyed shirt wins. 

Water Balloon Dodgeball

Fill water balloons with water and play a few outdoor games of dodgeball. If you have temporary food coloring on hand, adding a little food coloring inside the water balloons would make a more exciting experience. The last person standing for each round wins.

Blob Tag

One person is “it” at the beginning of the camp. The camp leader counts down from 5 giving the campers 5 seconds to run away. Once the camp leader gets to 0, the game begins. The person who is “it” will run and tag people. If someone is tagged, they must link arms with the person who is “it.” The linked group is now “it” and they run to tag more people. The blob grows as more people are tagged. The last person standing who has not been tagged wins. 

Sponge Relay

Divide the camper into team sizes of your choosing. Each team should have two buckets in a line far apart from each other. Teams will be running back and forth, so be sure to place the buckets far away. One bucket should be filled with water and the other bucket is empty. Players from each team will take turns and try to fill up their sponge with as much water as possible and run to the other bucket to squeeze out the water. The team that fills their bucket first wins. 

Inside Activities 

Playing outside in the rain isn’t for everyone and it generally requires more clean up. If you would rather keep your campers inside and avoid the rain altogether, we have compiled several fun activities to keep your campers entertained and have fun indoors. 

Sock Hockey 

Divide the campers into teams of 5 and give each camper a broom, or similar object. Use a ball as the hockey puck. The first team to get the ball into their net 5 times wins. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Create an indoor scavenger hunt and break the campers into teams. The team that fully completes the scavenger hunt first wins the game. 

Plastic Bottle Bowling 

This indoor activity is popular amongst young kids. Set up plastic bottles (or a similar sized object) like bowling pins and use a ball about the size of a kickball or smaller. Let campers take turns bowling and hitting the DIY bowling pins. 

Board Games

There are endless options for board games. Break out various border games and let the campers choose which games they would like to play. This is a fun and simple activity for campers of all ages. 


One camper is selected to be the detective for one round. The rest of the camper gst in a line. The detective takes a look at the line of players and then turns around with their eyes closed. 3 of the campers in line move positions to be in another spot in line. Once they have moved, the detective turns around, and opens their eyes. The detective must guess which 3 players have swapped positions in the line. This game is most fun when played with a large group. 

Indoor Parkour

Set up an indoor obstacle course with chairs, tables, and whatever other stable objects you can find. The campers then try to get through the obstacle course without touching the ground. If they touch the ground, they must start over. There isn’t a winner, but this is a unique activity for campers to participate in. 


Giving your campers the option to build puzzles together can be a fun stress reliever and bonding activity.


Painting is a fun and relaxing activity for campers of all ages. Let campers use their imagination to create wonderful paintings. Paintings can be done on paper, canvases, or pottery. Use the resources you already have, painting doesn’t have to be an extravagant activity. Watercolors and paper can keep your campers entertained for a long time. 


All campers except one count down from 100. The one camper who doesn’t count must hide in a secret location. Once the countdown is over, all the campers scramble to find the hidden camper. If the camper is found, they hide with the camper packed together like sardines. The last camper to find the hiding spot loses and is the next camper to start the next round by hiding. 


One camper takes a good look at the room before leaving. Once the camper leaves the room, the rest of the campers move one object so the room looks slightly different than before the one camper left. The object is more fun if it’s small and barely noticeable. When the camper returns to the room, they try to find which object was moved. As they walk around the room, the other campers begin to quack like ducks the closer the camper gets to the moved object. The game restarts once the object is found and a new camper goes out of the room. There isn’t a winner, but it’s a fun and silly activity to keep campers entertained. 

Capture Every Activities

We hope you found this list of activities fun for your next rainy day at camp. Even better – these activities can be played regardless of the weather outside. We know these activities will be a hit with your campers this camp season. Capture all your camp memories and easily share with camp parents when you use WaldoCamps by Waldo Photos.