Amplify your event photography with Waldo’s AI-powered mobile delivery!


Whether it's a sports camp, clinic, tournament or showcase, Waldo Photos has you covered. Using proprietary facial & jersey recognition software, Waldo finds the photos of each athlete and delivers their photos to those who value them (mom & dad) via text alerts in near real-time.

No more photo's collecting digital dust in online galleries! With Waldo, the value of your action photography is maximized as parents are pushed the photos and post them with your branding and hashtags to their social networks.

Your pics. Delivered.

You shoot. Those you capture provide Waldo a selfie. Waldo utilizes their selfie to find their photos and deliver them via text and app alerts!

  Facial recognition

Leverage AI to deliver everyone their photo needles out of the album haystack.

 Mobile delivery

Push photos out via text and app alerts for greater engagement.



Benefits of working with Waldo


Give parents the memories they will cherish!

Make your customers happy, isn't that the goal? It cost 5x more to get a new customer than to keep one. Waldo delights your parents by delivering action shots of their athlete via text or push notifications, in near real-time and makes sharing with family a breeze.

Leverage photography and AI to amplify your brand via social media

Waldo’s push delivery of branded and hash-tagged photos to your customers turns them into a megaphone for your brand on social media. Leverage their collective social reach via AI-based mobile delivery of branded photos, delivered by Waldo.



How many Facebook followers does your business have?

If you have a 1k customers, their average social reach on Facebook is over 250k. 

Contact our sales team and find out how we can turn your reach into brand amplification!


Generate more revenue - save time and space

We offer our partners attractive revenue sharing on all photos sales including digital and print. And our streamlined approach to photo discovery, ordering and delivery eliminates paper and the need for on-site sales tables. Parents order photos conveniently to their phones with delivery of prints directly to their home.

What our partners are saying

Couldn't be happier! 

"Waldo was a great addition to the customer experience at the Mrs Hockey Invite tournament. Instead of us using a few photos on social and in a web gallery on our site, the photos went to good use and landed on the phones of our families! The parents and kids loved the same day delivery, facial recognition identification and we made some additional revenue for the event!"

- Sasha Ristic, Growth Director, LEGACY Global Hockey

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