St. Patrick’s Day Party Photo Organization With Waldo!

March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day — a day when everyone, no matter their background, is Irish — a day when eating good food, and drinking good beer, with friends and family to celebrate the day leads to partying a wee bit later than average for a school night. And if you’re working today, the chances are pretty high that you, and your co-workers, will be celebrating with an office party, too!

Naturally, when you’re in the middle of partying, everyone will be taking lots of great pics. Then, we all know the drill: the next morning rolls around, and the scrambling to pry photos from others begins. 

What if there was an app that didn’t treat Android and Apple folks like they carried different passports — where everyone could easily crowdsource their photos into the same event album — where the best photos (you know, the ones taken by the friend who’s legit and brought the DSLR) could be uploaded wirelessly directly to the app; where only those invited can see them; and, wait for it…everyone gets the photos they’re in automatically texted to them?  

This is not some futuristic Elon Musk-led mission to Mars. 

It’s called Waldo, and it’s in the app stores now. (Go here if you have an iPhone; go here if you have an Android.) 

Why Waldo-fy Your St. Patrick’s Day Photos?

Let’s be honest — we’ve all had “one too many” on St. Patrick’s Day from time to time. While it may be funny to look back on a little bit later in time, the last thing you — or anyone else — need is for a compromising photo to be leaked out on social media for your boss (or theirs) to see!

But, sometimes, your reasons for keeping your St. Patrick’s Day photos private involve a lot less brisket and green beer. 

Maybe you have some kids in your photos, and you want to keep their photos off social media (there certainly is no shortage of reasons why that’s a good idea). 

Maybe your work has a strict policy against sharing private photos on social media. 

Or maybe you just don’t feel like sharing your personal photos with your professional contacts. 

All those reasons are valid — and all those reasons are why Waldo Photos can help you (and more).

Let Waldo Photos Help You Share Your Photos In REAL TIME!

We won’t bore you with a boring sales pitch or a tedious rundown of everything our company can do for you. So here it is in a nutshell:

People like candid photos. (That includes you. You’re people.) 

But not all people (and maybe that includes you!) want to have their private photos all over social media — maybe you don’t want to be @-ed on Twitter with people spamming your timeline of “that time,” or maybe your company has a policy against posting private photos on public platforms. 

Whatever the reason, Waldo Photos can help everyone share their photos from the big night without spamming their social or putting their festivities on display for the world to see. Want to share your moments on Waldo with select friends and family who weren’t part of your St.  Paddy’s plans? Not a problem — you can privately invite others to view them.

And here’s the best part: you can set-up a Waldo album for your event in a few taps and invite others to it via text or email. And Waldo is iOS and Android friendly and loves to gobble up DSLR photos wirelessly. 

Ready to give Waldo a try? Click here to find out more!