Flashback Friday #FBF: A Look Back At Waldo Photos Greatest Hits

March 26, 2021

Waldo Photos may look like a new, exciting company that seemed to have come out of nowhere. But the truth is, we’ve been around since 2016 (and we actually have a very interesting story on how we came to be). 

And, over the past five years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best people — and companies — in the world. 

On this Flashback Friday #FBF, we’re taking a look at some of what we call “Waldo Photos’ Greatest Hits.”

#FBF to That Time When Waldo Partnered With CDW For The NCAA Final Four

We just got past the excitement of March Madness, so what better time to remember when Waldo Photos partnered with CDW for the NCAA Final Four? Every year, CDW invites their employees, top customers, and clients to join them for the special basketball event. It was a time to remember, and Waldo Photos helped them make treasured memories quickly and easily. 

Find out what we did, and how we did it, here.

We Helped Fundraise More Than $400K For Schools, Youth Sports, And Camps!

We all know the drill: we send our kids to school, to soccer tournaments, and to summer camp. Then, staff, parent volunteers, teachers, and the yearbook team start taking pictures…which then end up stuck on an SD card, on someone’s hard drive, or scattered across the cloud in Dropbox, Google Drive, or SmugMug. 

What do you do next? 

Well, first, you call Waldo Photos for help. 

But then, Waldo takes the next step and helps raise more than $400k for schools, youth sports, and camps! Find out how we did that here.

#FBF To That Time We Sent Free #ThankYou Cards To Frontline Workers

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our frontline workers were, literally, our lifeline to the outside world. And this is to say nothing of how hard they worked, day in and day out, no matter the threat of a deadly disease.

We here at Waldo certainly realize that sending a #ThankYou card is a small gesture — but every little bit helps. You can send a frontline worker your thanks, courtesy of Waldo, here. 

Curious to see how Waldo Photos can help your business? Drop us a line today!