Top 5 ways Waldo will increase the value of your school’s photography

October 23, 2019

Waldo Photos will be a great addition to your school’s marketing toolkit. In this modern world, photo-taking and sharing them is becoming a major part of how communities connect. Find out how Waldo can make photography a key asset in your school’s marketing toolkit.

No More Unseen Photos:

Latest stats show that 98% of photos taken are never shared with other people. If you’re like most schools, you have thousands of photos rotting on hard drives or cloud storage. Sporting events, pep rallies, plays, dances, and graduation day photos are never seen by the families who would cherish them the most! The Waldo app gives your families and staff one platform for all photos to be shared securely.

Leverage Your Families’ Social Media:

There were more than 570,000 photos shared or posted to social media from the Waldo platform in 2019 alone. With 280 average facebook friends, that’s 160 million impressions! With your school’s brand-filter and auto-hashing of every photo posted to Facebook via the Waldo app, your school’s photography will tell your story across the social media footprint of your community of families.

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Delight Your Families:

Everyone loves seeing their photos and Waldo makes this seamless. As a tech-forward school, your families will experience the joy of getting all those lost moments delivered to their phones.Parents at a Waldo-fied school can Live the Moment and let Waldo do the work of delivering them straight to their phones.

Turn your photos into fundraising dollars:

Schools can use the Waldo platform to sell photos from Picture Day, graduation and other special events and generate revenues for the school’s fundraising initiatives.

Crowdsource photos from your community:

You’re able to invite teachers, parents, students and outside photographers to contribute their photos to the school’s gallery on Waldo while controlling which photos are published. With the school’s staff, parents, and students all contributing to one platform, families can easily share their favorite moments with one another and the school has more content for marketing and yearbook.

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