Truth Tree and Waldo Photos Announce New Partnership for Facial and Jersey Recognition Photo Sharing with Parents

September 30, 2020

AUSTIN, TEXAS, September 29, 2020 — Truth Tree, one of the nation’s leading firms for enrollment consultation, digital marketing, and market research for schools and camps, is excited to announce a new partnership with Waldo Photos, an Austin-based startup that uses facial recognition to find and deliver photos. Truth Tree and Waldo Photos, whose shared passion for the schools and camps industry is long-standing, will provide a seamless solution for these organizations to share camper and student photos with families using industry leading technology.

“We are delighted to work with Truth Tree and help support their schools and camps,” said Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo Photos. “We’ve designed Waldo to be easy to use for parents as well as school and camp administrators, and are excited to bring Waldo to TruthTree’s partners.”

Waldo is very simple to use. A family simply uploads a photo of their student or camper into their Waldo account, and Waldo will match their face to all photos that are uploaded by their school or camp, and deliver them instantly to their family via text or in-app notification.

“I know when we work with schools and need specific photos for an ad campaign, it can sometimes take hours. We love Waldo because it helps Truth Tree perform better for our school and camp partners,” said Trevor Waddington, Principal at Truth Tree. “Waldo’s innovation in photo discovery and delivery plus the marketing value it creates for schools and camps is something we feel all of our customers will benefit from.”

Truth Tree provides edge-defining excellence for preschools, private schools, summer camps, and more when it comes to designing the ultimate enrollment. Facial recognition photo sharing will offer an added benefit to the partners of Truth Tree when it comes to keeping parents engaged, increasing enrollment through amplified social branding on photos, highly personalized direct mail marketing, and more.

To get started with Waldo, click on the button below, or contact Truth Tree for more information.

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About Truth Tree

Truth Tree is one of the nation’s leading firms in market research, digital marketing, and enrollment design for private schools and summer camps. Truth Tree Consulting focuses on attracting more families to schools and camps with their advanced client-oriented program. What makes Truth Tree’s strategies so successful is the most in-depth understanding of parents and families seeking services for their children. Through edge-defining digital technology and data-driven solutions, Truth Tree finds the very best-fit students and families for independent schools or camps. For more information about Truth Tree and their services, please visit or call (301) 570-4292.

About Waldo

Waldo is a photo-finding phenom combining facial and jersey recognition with location awareness and mobile-first photo delivery. With Waldo, every photo of you and your family, taken by others, is seamlessly delivered to your smartphone via text and app alerts. Whether at your daughter’s tennis match, missing your kids at summer camp, on a family vacation, or in your best friend’s wedding, Waldo finds all your family’s photos and delivers them to you. With Waldo, you can “Live the Moment” while automagically receiving all your memories captured by others. Available on Apple, Android, and web, featuring a wireless DSLR uploader to the Waldo app. Visit or download the Waldo app and let the photo sharing begin.