Greek Chapter Marketing With Instant Photo Delivery

June 8, 2020
Waldo is coming to Greek Life!

College is a great time for making memories, and if you’re in a sorority or fraternity, you have the opportunity to make those memories with a whole chapter of lifelong friends.

With all the photos snapping at every Greek Life event, wouldn’t it be awesome if your members automatically received every photo they appeared in?

Well, Waldo does just that! Using secure facial recognition, Waldo will find and deliver photos of your priceless Greek Life memories to your chapter members in near real-time.

How it works

WaldoGreek on mobile

Waldo’s photo delivery is fast, easy, and fun. Photos are crowdsourced from your members and outside photographers onto your web gallery. Once your members submit their selfies, Waldo then uses secure facial recognition to find photos of your sorority and fraternity members.

When a match is made, Waldo delivers the photos to your members in near real-time via text or the free Waldo app.

Crowdsource everyone’s photos

Crowdsourcing Greek Life photos directly from a phone to Waldo's centralized gallery

At every fraternity or sorority event, multiple people are snapping tons of great photos, but those photos aren’t always easy to wrangle up by those snapped in them.

Here, Waldo makes this a breeze. Every member in your chapter can upload photos to any event album easily via the Waldo app. If you hire an outside photographer for a special event, you can provide them a link to upload to your Waldo gallery as well.

Additionally, Waldo has put in place some really great security and privacy features, including access control to your chapter’s photos via a list of mobile numbers provided by our leadership, an ability to review and approve photos before they are published to the chapter’s gallery, and the opportunity for members to request a photo not be posted to social media.

Receive photos in near real-time

Receiving a Greek Life photo on your mobile with Waldo

Now that you’ve got your goldmine of photos in one central place, it’s time to distribute them. This is where Waldo’s mad photo finding skills come into play and the fun starts!

Waldo’s facial recognition finds photos within seconds of their being published to your gallery. Matched photos get delivered to chapter members via their preferred mobile devices in near real-time. No more time wasted searching through photo galleries or tracking down friends over text, which means more time to focus on living your best Greek Life!

Amplify Your Reach

Social media can play a strong role in getting your brand seen. It’s also a great way to recruit new members to your chapter and highlight your fundraising activities.

Photos shared on social media through Waldo will automatically have your sorority or fraternity’s brand filter on them. Since Facebook’s algorithm blocks 90% of a business’ posts from getting onto its followers’ feeds, your members’ social posts via the Waldo app will bring much more visibility to your chapter.

You’ll get more eyes on your chapter’s content to help build a stronger brand on social media via an army of unpaid influencers!

Let’s Waldo-fy your Greek Life!

Ready to bring state-of-the-art photo sharing to your chapter members with easy, secure crowdsourcing and automatic photo delivery via facial recognition? Request a free account below! ?