Celebrate the Graduating Class of 2020 with a beautiful Waldogram

June 15, 2020

Quick link: Create a Waldogram for your grad student in the Waldo app here — all it takes is a few simple taps!

June is here — and that means graduation season!

It’s time to celebrate our students’ hard work and encourage them as they enter their next phase in life. Unfortunately, this year’s graduation season has been marked by school closures, and that has nixed the usual ceremonies for many.

While it’s still a notable and proud moment, it’s also disappointing to not be able to see grads have the chance to walk the stage. With many graduation parties canceled as well, it can feel difficult to share and celebrate the closing of this important chapter.

What can I do to celebrate a graduate this year?

Graduation Waldograms on a table

These losses, however, have sparked some creativity in graduation photos (and locations), with grads proudly donning their caps and gowns despite the circumstances. Some have taken photos solo in front of empty school steps, while others have chosen photoshoots at home, in the park, or more uncommon locations.

Wherever that photoshoot takes place, now is the perfect time to share those one-of-a-kind graduation photos — with a beautiful, personalized Waldogram.

What’s a Waldogram?

Waldograms are high-quality custom postcards that you can send via the Waldo app to anyone, anywhere. The best part about Waldograms is that they are fully customizable, so you can personalize your card with a photo of your choice, including the stamp (super fun)!

A detailed look of Waldograms, beautiful, personalized postcards you can create within a few simple taps

It’s super easy too —simply add a photo, write a personalized message, customize your stamp, and your Waldogram is done in a few simple clicks.

Waldo even takes care of the postage for you — Waldograms are sent via USPS first class and arrive in 4-6 business days. They’re printed on high-quality glossy card stock, making them perfect for display on the fridge or corkboard.

Delight your family and friends

With family and friends spread throughout the country, a Waldogram is a great way to share your grad’s photos in physical form. Your grad can write a personalized note so each Waldogram is personalized to make your loved ones feel special and share your joy that much more.

What a unique, memorable moment it would be to open the mailbox and see the grinning grad with a special, personalized message!

Bulk send personalized Waldograms to EVERY graduate

With Waldograms for Business, your school can send out personalized postcards out to commemorate every single graduate from your school — on a personal level!

It’s super easy — all you need to do is upload your contacts via CSV, write a message, and you can start bulk sending personalized Waldograms in a few simple clicks. Whether it’s a collage of photos from the school year or perhaps photos of their dear teachers, your graduates will feel the love when they receive a high-quality memento memorializing their final school year.

With Waldograms for Business, your school can enjoy a discounted commercial rate for Waldograms. The more you send, the less you spend!

To the class of 2020 — congratulations!

While this school year didn’t end as expected, Team Waldo wants to extend our best wishes to all graduates and their families. We applaud your milestones and achievements, and wish you a successful and exciting future!