WaldoTravel: Supercharge Photo Delivery For Your Guests

June 23, 2020

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Having photos to reminisce on after a vacation, tour, or day trip is one of the best ways to preserve the smiles and memorable moments that were created. There is always a sense of delight when looking back on fun experiences.

Whether you’re running a hotel, resort, amusement park, zoo, or adventure tour, delivering photos to your guests should always be a top priority — particularly in today’s social-media-driven world. On top of bringing lasting memories to your guests, delivered photos can bring your business valuable impressions across social media.

Today, every photo delivered is a potential digital billboard on social media.

What if I told you that your guest’s photos can be delivered in near-real time, directly to their mobile phones? What if I told you they could order a print of their photo, right from their mobile phone, and it would be printed and mailed to their doorstep?

Using the power of facial recognition, Waldo finds photos of your guests taken during their visit and delights them by delivering photos to them in near real-time. Whatever the destination or experience, Waldo offers a streamlined solution to delighting your guests during and after their visit.

Photo delivery made simple

WaldoTravel in action

In today’s digital world, convenience is an expectation, not a want — no guest would want to wait in lines to view photos via a limited number of kiosks or monitors, nor would they want to dig through a huge online photo album to find their photos after a trip.

Photos are valuable today —right in the moment— as that’s when they have their highest social currency. Delivering photos in a near real-time stream to your guests’ mobile devices increases their value to them and to any travel operator’s business.

With Waldo, your guests can simply submit their selfie via the free Waldo app on iOS, Android, or web — Waldo then finds their photos as they’re uploaded. Whenever a photo is matched, Waldo delivers the photos right to the guest via text or the Waldo mobile app, in near real-time.

It’s simple, it’s smart, and it lets your guests “live the moment” knowing they’ll receive photos of all the magical moments that were captured. You’re giving them the gift of keeping their phones in their pockets and fully engaging in the experience!

Boosting photo sales

The convenience of mobile purchasing helps sell more photo passes and prints. When photos are delivered directly to your guests’ phones, they have the ability to purchase prints in-app as opposed to waiting in line at a souvenir photo booth — even long after they’ve ended their visit! This also saves your guests from the regret of not buying that perfect photo during their visit.

In addition, with the ease of mobile delivery and ordering, you can spend less money on on-site operations and require less personnel to handle souvenir photo booths and printing.

Pump up your social media

WaldoTravel Facebook sharing

Social media is a great way to show potential guests what your destination has to offer. However, 90% of social media posts made by business pages are automatically stunted from showing up on your followers feeds due to biased algorithms.

On the other hand, photos shared by your guests to their personal pages will have a much greater reach as they’re more likely to show up in friends’ and families’ feeds. That’s immensely valuable — their friends are who your business needs to market to. They are your most likely future visitors.

For photos delivered through Waldo, your brand filter is automatically integrated onto them with automated hashtags to drive the best engagement. This system makes guests your most powerful online marketing assets, turning their real-time posts of branded photos into marketing gold for your establishment.

Keep them coming back

Travel Waldogram

You’ve likely heard the saying many times, but it always bears repeating: the fortune is in the follow up. Once your guests have gone home, it’s important to stay connected with them so they’ll keep coming back (and even bring their friends).

A clever and personalized way to stay connected is to send your past guests direct mail featuring photos of them from their visit. Waldograms for Business allows you to automate the personalization of your direct mail by leveraging the facial recognition that’s already in place. Your guest’s loyalty is strengthened as they receive a thoughtful card from your business in the mail, with a photo featuring one of their favorite moments from this last visit.

Industry studies show a significantly higher level of engagement with direct mail when it is personalized. With Waldograms for Business, you can use this revolutionary direct marketing tech to your business’ advantage.

Waldo-fy your guest’s travel experience

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