Introducing: Memories Smart Slideshow!

November 29, 2022

For Immediate Release

AUSTIN, TX (November 29, 2022): Waldo Photos, an AI-powered photo & video sharing platform, announced the launch of its Memories Smart Slideshow offering for toasting, roasting, or remembering someone special. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or memorial, this new service will make gathering old photos from friends or family a breeze and automatically turns them into a beautifully designed, chronologically ordered slideshow. Memories Smart Slideshow is now available for $49.99 for any WaldoEvent.

Here’s how Memories Smart Slideshow works: As the organizer of a celebration, you can quickly create a Memories Smart Slideshow album via Waldo’s iOS, Android or desktop app. Then, activate Waldo’s texting bot from the app to request old photos of the celebrated from friends & family. Recipients of your request can simply text back their photos to Waldo and their photos will be added to the album. You’re able to decide whether the photos received are automatically published or require your review and approval.  Next, Waldo’s Smart Slideshow technology will order all the photos received in chronological order and lay them out on slides in a beautifully formatted design. Waldo Photos is excited to extend this new feature to consumers after overwhelming consumer demand.

Memories Smart Slideshow is offered alongside other powerful WaldoEvents products including Waldo-fied face-tagging photo delivery, Live Slideshows for gathering and projecting photos from a celebration, pre-designed QR code signage for easy onboarding by guests, and more.

“I’m incredibly excited to announce we’re adding Memories Smart Slideshow just in time for the holiday season”, said Rodney Rice, CEO Waldo Photos, “WaldoEvents is about celebrating life and capturing amazing moments. With Memories Smart Slideshow, we’re extending that to honoring the past too. It makes me so incredibly happy to know that Waldo gets to help our consumers find and organize photos from their lives in such an easy way.”  

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About Waldo Photos:

For event organizers, Waldo Photos is the smartest and easiest to use photo and video sharing app for events. Using facial and jersey recognition, mobile apps, and a smart texting bot, Waldo finds and delivers everyone the photos they’re in via text or app alert. For professional photographers, Waldo offers its patented FaceBlocker copyright protection technology combined with its AI-powered photo delivery to help photographers sell more photos in less time. 

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