Easily Organize Your Church Photos

December 13, 2022

As a religious organization, it’s likely you have hundreds and thousands of photos from various events. Whether it’s the annual trunk-or-treat, a religious celebration, or the anniversary of your organization – your church has an endless amount of photos. These photos are most likely stored in a jumbled location on your desktop, on a hard drive, or still on the camera needing a place to relocate to. 

Keeping all your photos stored away, never to be seen, in an unorganized mess isn’t fun for anyone. Your church members will want to see the photos taken from various events, without going through the hassle of someone in church leadership forever searching for specific photos. 

Solid organization here is key! But we get it – it’s hard to keep everything organized, especially with so many people and photos involved in the process. That’s where WaldoChurch by Waldo Photos is here to help. 

Photo Management with WaldoChurch

WaldoChurch by Waldo Photos is the photo management genius for religious organizations. Its easy-to-use photo management makes organizing and managing your church’s photos simpler than ever. 

1TB Web Gallery

Store all of your photos in one place with the 1TB web gallery. This online gallery can be easily accessed by your members via online, iOS, or Android. 

Add Contributors

We value your privacy and take security seriously. With WaldoChurch, you have the ability to invite individuals to be contributors to the albums you created for various events. Anyone you designate as a contributor has the ability to upload photos to the album. This means your albums and photos are secure, you don’t have to worry about an unauthorized person accessing your photos or being able to upload.
Even once contributors are added to your albums, you have the ability to review photos before they are officially published to the album. This feature gives you the power to carefully review all photos and ensure they’re okay for posting to your albums. 

Custom Tagging

This unique feature makes finding albums and individual photos much easier. If you have many different albums, custom tagging can help simplify the searching process. You no longer have to spend time looking for an album, or one specific photo, if you utilize custom tagging. 

Photo Sharing Options 

WaldoChurch has several organized and secure options for sharing photos. Let’s take a look at the different types of sharing. 

Internal Use Only

As a contributor you have the ability to organize your photos into albums for internal use only. This means the photos in your albums will not be displayed to others. They are only neatly organized for your use. This feature is great for simply organizing, hiding photos, and for photos you want organized but don’t want published. Whatever your reasoning may be, the internal use feature is perfect for organizing your photos into albums online in a secure way. 

Web Gallery Only

One of the photo sharing options with WaldoChurch is the web gallery. Churches can organize their photos into various albums and securely store them in a virtual web gallery for church members to view. When churches and other religious organizations use the web gallery option for photo sharing, their photos are safely stored in a private gallery that can only be accessed with the unique join code. Church members and other individuals must have the unique join code in order to access the church’s photos via the web gallery. 

Photo Finder Delivery

The Photo Finder Delivery is one of the many things that makes WaldoChurch standout amongst the crowd with simplifying the organization process, making photo sharing easy, and reducing your workload. 

How does it work? 

  1. Churches create various albums with their photos. 
  2. Individuals can view the photos by registering with a unique join code and adding their selfie. 
  3. As photos are added to the albums, Waldo will use its facial recognition technology to look through all the photos and find photos that match the individual’s selfie. 
  4. When matches are found, Waldo uses automated mobile delivery to notify the individual their photo matches have been found. 
  5. Individuals can then easily view their matches photos online, or on the Waldo app

Photo finder is great because it saves everyone time and easily collects memories. Churches don’t have to spend any additional time looking for specific photos on an individual, and the individuals no longer have to scroll through hundreds of photos just to locate the ones they appear in. 

Web Gallery and Photo Finder Delivery 

This is the most popular photo sharing option amongst organizations that utilize WaldoChurch. A combination of the Web Gallery and the Photo Finder satisfies all. If individuals do not want to utilize the photo finder feature, they can simply view the photos via the web gallery. This is the best of both worlds because it gives individuals the option to choose how they want to view their photos. 

Wrap Up

WaldoChurch by Waldo Photos makes photo organization and sharing simple. With the use of easy album creation, facial recognition, and a unique join code to protect your photos, churches can easily organize their photos and share with others.