Waldo’s Photo Service, Built for Schools, Allows Families and Teachers to Securely Contribute Photos

December 27, 2019

Smartphones and digital cameras have become modern-day essentials. Nowadays, nearly everyone has the ability to capture exceptional photos – and lots of them. Rolls of film with 24 or 36 images have been replaced by devices filled with tens of thousands of shots. With the emergence of social media, these photos have taken on a new currency as they become core to building a school’s community and brand across social media. Photos have emerged as every small business’ #1 marketing asset and schools are no exception.

The “pics or it didn’t happen” phenomenon is here to stay. As digital photography becomes even more accessible, photos will continue to predominate. Each day, approximately 2 billion photos are shared online, and this does not take into account all of the billions of images that are captured but never shared. The power that photographers have – professionals and amateurs alike – will also continue to grow as we become more reliant on living through photos.

By using facial and jersey number recognition, Waldo helps cut through the digital clutter and delivers families just the photos they are in. Waldo scans all the published images and sends fun and friendly text and app alerts to those who have been found in the school’s photo gallery. 

Waldo makes it easy for schools to collect and organize photos from an increasing number of contributors, while maintaining control over which are published. These contributors can be teachers, parents, students or outside photographers. 

For schools, turning teachers and families into photo contributors is a breeze. A simple email invite allows teachers, parents and students to add photos to an album or gallery. And, best of all, the school administrator can decide which contributors photos require review and which are automatically published, providing complete control, while letting everyone easily share the moments they capture with their school community. 

“Waldo contributor links have helped us on many occasions throughout the school year. Most recently during our in-service day where staff, parents and myself were taking photos at multiple locations all around town. I was able to receive everyone’s photos, share with parents and our service sites and post to our social media all within an hour!” said Katsy Joiner, Bracken Christian School parent.  “We’ve never been able to turn around our photos and post to social media that quickly….well….ever! Our parents were thrilled!”

Whether it’s a hired photographer, parent, teacher or student, individual contributors can help schools using Waldo grow their content and in turn their presence on social media as these photos are seamlessly shared with those found in them and posted to Facebook and Instagram.  Waldo’s contributors feature helps schools turn their families and staff into their photographers, while maintaining editorial control over what is published and delivered. In a marketing world where content is king and brands are built by influencers on social media, Waldo has built a content management platform which helps schools stand out.

Want to learn more about how Waldo can help your organization collect and share images from contributors, reach out to our team at schools@waldophotos.com, and find out how easy it is to Waldo-fy your photography!