Camps Provide Photos Service For Their Counselors

August 1, 2017

While Waldo has been at camp this summer, we’ve seen firsthand just how much camp counselors contribute to to the experience. Yes, they’re swim instructors, pie fight mediators, cheerleaders, lifeguards, and sports coaches.
But even more than that, they’re heroes and role models for the thousands of campers who attend each of these camps every summer.

And as a way to thank these counselors for all they do, Texas Hill Country camp Balcones Springs decided to provide the Waldo photo service for counselors for free. It’s a way for the counselors to get all the photos of them that show up in the camp album. They submit a selfie. Waldo delivers all their photos directly to their phones.

“Waldo helps them remember all the fond memories from their summer experience,” said Christine Baskin, owner of the camp. “We gave them Waldo because we wanted them to know that they help make the camp experience what it is and, without them, Camp Balcones Springs wouldn’t be the same.”

Here is a quick look at some of the Camp Balcones Springs counselors and their favorite parts about camp and advice to campers!

Abbey Lane


Age: 18 | Houston, TX
Favorite camp memory: “Definitely the women’s dinner,” she said, of a dinner where all the girls at camp come together after a day of fun and have a “fancy” camp dinner in their PJs.
Most rewarding part of being a camp counselor: “I get to see my hard work and energy reflected in the kids’ days and attitudes.”
Advice for campers: Dive right in! “Camp is what you make of it and can be the most rewarding experience if you allow it to be.”

Kalenga Njamba

Age: 22 | Perth, Australia
Favorite camp memory: “Cabin hangouts”
Most rewarding part of being a camp counselor: “Seeing kids grow out of their shells.”
Advice for campers: “Be prepared to be goofy!”

Abby MacDougall

Age: 23 | Houston, TX
Favorite camp memory: Women’s dinner
Most rewarding part of being a camp counselor: “Loving always”
Advice for campers: “Be silly!”

Caroline Frankenfeld

Age: 19 | Austin, TX

Favorite camp memory: “Forming relationships with both counselors and campers”

Most rewarding part of being a camp counselor: “Getting to make an impactful impression on campers and of course… dance parties!”

Advice for campers: “Be yourself and put yourself out there!”

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