Missing Shutterfly Share Sites? We’ve Got You Covered at Waldo Photos

March 13, 2023

We’re sure you have heard the news by now that Shutterfly Share Sites are going away on March 27, 2023. Shutterfly Share Sites have been an amazing tool for families to share photos and organize events within their community for over a decade. (Anyone else use Shutterfly to build their first website? We did!) As many schools and camps are in a frenzy to quickly find a new photo sharing platform before their next event begins, they need to ensure their next service is a reliable, efficient, and secure solution. That’s where Waldo Photos comes in. 

With its elegant and easy to use interface; easy gallery sharing between Apple, Android and desktop; and automated, AI-powered photo delivery, Waldo Photos is the perfect alternative for those looking to replace Shutterfly Share Sites. 

Let’s break down the top five reasons anyone looking to gather and share photos and videos within the community should make the simple switch to Waldo Photos. 

1. Simplified Photo Management

Similar to Shutterfly Share Sites, Waldo Photos platform is designed to streamline the photo sharing process for organizations. With its user-friendly interface, event organizers can quickly and easily upload photos to the platform, invite others to contribute, and moderate the content, if they choose. The platform is powered by a 5 star-rated iOS and Android mobile apps, a beautiful desktop app, and a texting bot that keeps everyone apprised of the photos they’re in. The platform also supports custom tagging of photos and powerful search, making it simple for organizations to easily find the photo they are looking for.

2. AI Photo-Finding Technology

One unique feature about Waldo, that gives it an edge over the older Shutterfly Share Sites platform,  is its AI photo-finding technology, used to quickly and accurately find photos of specific individuals. It even works in large group photos. This is especially useful for youth sports, schools, camps, churches, and corporate events, as they often have hundreds or potentially thousands of photos to sort through. 
Waldo’s AI photo-finding technology identifies individuals based on facial recognition and then automatically text the photo to the person found in it. With Waldo Photos, community organizers are assured everyone will receive their photos and are spared the countless emails and text from folks looking for their photos.

3. Cutting-Edge Photo Coverage Dashboard

Waldo’s member dashboard provides a live view of event photos as they are uploaded to the platform, giving event organizers the ability to see the photo coverage for each event attendee. This feature is especially useful for youth sports leagues, schools, and camps that want to ensure each participant is being photographed. The coverage dashboard enables event organizers to quickly identify any gaps in coverage and help them know where to focus their photo coverage. With Waldo’s member dashboard, organizations can better manage their photo coverage and easily view photos by member.

4. Automated Mobile Photo Delivery 

Waldo Photos automated mobile photo delivery is a game-changer. With this feature, event photos are automatically matched to attendees and delivered to them via text or push notification. This takes the burden off of event organizers who typically bear the burden of sifting and sorting through hundreds or thousands of photos and then disseminate them by each attendee by email, text, or airdrop. Waldo gives event organizers back their time and delights everyone who attended with real-time, automated photo delivery.

5. Branded Shareable Photo Galleries

The branded shareable galleries is a feature that allows organizations to create custom galleries for all their events. These galleries can feature the organization’s branding, providing a personalized touch to the photo sharing experience. With just a few clicks, event goers and their families can share organization-branded photos or order physical prints directly from the Waldo app.

P.S. The galleries can be protected with a unique join code for each organization, ensuring that only the individuals that are given the join code are able to access the photos.

Wrap Up

If you’re searching for an alternative to your Shutterfly Share Sites website for photo sharing, check out Waldo Photos. Waldo has combined the ease of use beloved by Share Sites owners with AI-powered photo delivery and convenient mobile apps for easier crowdsourcing of photos by community members and even support video hosting as well.  Don’t wait any longer! Make the simple switch to Waldo Photos and bring the benefits of simpler, smarter photo sharing to your community today.

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